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The Reason For Banning Of Cigarettes And Other Tobacco Products (Essay Sample)


the reason for outlawing the use of cigarettes and other tobacco substances

Banning of Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Banning of Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products Governments have adopted various methods such as tax increase and advertisements ban to minimize the consumption of tobacco due to its harmful effects. Notably, most of the smokers admit that they dislike cigarettes but cannot stop the vice due to addiction (Proctor, 2013). Nicotine is a harmful drug that affects both smokers and nonsmokers and, hence, abolishing its production would improve the livelihood of the nation as a whole (Bonnie, Stratton, and Kwan, 2015). It is imperative to outlaw cigarettes and other tobacco products due to their harmful effects which include health complications, financial distress, and eventually premature deaths. Banning the use of tobacco is essential since it could improve the health of the addicted people. The smoke produced from cigarettes contains nearly 7,000 chemicals which are harmful to the body (Bonnie, Stratton, and Kwan, 2015). Due to the increased usage of tobacco substance, the body becomes susceptible to various chronic illness such as diabetes, lung infections, cancer, and coronary heart disease. Consequently, the use of tobacco is related to a decline in a country’s productivity since the adverse health impacts lead to increased cases of work absenteeism (Bonnie, Stratton, and Kwan, 2015). Notably, the health complications require individuals to spend a lot of cash in getting treatment. Hence, governments should outlaw the use of tobacco products to enhance the health of its citizens. Financial losses caused by the reliance on cigarettes and other tobacco substances affects both the addicted persons and the country. Proctor (2013) posits that drug usage reduces the labor productivity level leading to a decline in the profitability of industries. Besides, there is a higher medical cost related to smokers compared to those who do not abuse tobacco. Patients who smoke nicotine spend more days at the hospital leading to increased expenditure since their rate of healing is low (Bonnie, Stratton, and Kwan, 2015). Consequently, drug addiction financially overburdens individuals reducing funds available for healthcare which leads to premature deaths. Therefore, it is imperative to outlay the use of tobacco substance since it will free individuals and nations from financial distress. The third and the most adverse impact of cigarette and other tobacco products usage is death. Proctor (2013) found that tobacco is a dangerous product that has caused nearly 300 million deaths in the 21st century. Some nations have made progress after introducing measures to limit tobacco usage. According to Holford et al. (2014), the implementation of a policy to control tobacco in the United States has minimized the number of premature mortality by 8 million since its inception in 1964. If countries do not impose the necessary regulation to curb the use of tobacco, then future generations will continue los...
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