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Benefite of singing (Essay Sample)


Benefits of music and singing to humans.


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Why does singing have so many benefits to humans?
Singing is the action of uttering a series of words in a musical tune. Music plays a major role in human development. This is because of the ability of music to engage listeners, thereby impacting their lives in very positive ways. Music has a way of appealing to our minds and souls thereby alleviating all out troubles.
The ability of music to connect total strangers, by the mere act of singing has and still is a phenomenon yet to be unravelled. Humans by nature are born with the ability to sing and a desire to listen to other peoples as they sing. By nature humans are hardwired with regards to music. Sound makes us the human beings we are. This is to mean that humans will most of the time react in the same way to music, this is regardless of their racial, class or tribal differences. Indeed music is a universal bond.
In impacting the lives of humans, music goes to the very route of human health. Singing is a necessary function to keep body, soul and faith intact. In examining why singing has so many benefits to humans it is important to understand that singing has been there through the years.
It is important to appreciate the effect that music has on human beings in a bid to understand why singing has so many benefits to the human race. These benefits include; emotional, physical, psychological, cognitive health benefits.
The society today suffers from a major social problem. This leads to diseases like depression, low self esteem. These diseases cannot be cured by prescribing medicine. This is because medicine can only heal the physical aspect of a human. However, social diseases can only be healed through arts. Arts are a part and parcel of music. Human beings by their very nature are hard wired to appreciate and relate with art very intimately. These peculiar relationship in turn heals gradually restores self confidence to the sick and pulls them out of a depression. These can be referred to as music therapy. Indeed singing requires focused concentration, encourages social behaviour, Regulation of breathing and discipline. However medicine should not be replaced singing. The two should be used should be used together to achieve a faster and more effective healing process. Engaging the two healing strategies would ensure that patients are occupied with music which would in...
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