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Environmentalism in the US (Essay Sample)


The task required the student to write an essay on the topic of "Environmentalism in the US." The essay covers various ideologies and concepts related to environmentalism and its growth in the US over the past few decades.
The essay starts by discussing the factors that have contributed to the growth of environmentalism in the US, such as the moral basis of environmental concern, post-materialism, ecological modernization, and democratic views on environmental issues. Each ideology is explained, and its impact on environmentalism is discussed, emphasizing the development of legislation and policies to promote environmental sustainability.
The essay also introduces the concept of a paradigm shift in environmental perception, where people have moved from viewing the environment solely as a source of raw materials to understanding the need for environmental preservation and sustainability. This paradigm shift is attributed to scientific discoveries and research findings that highlight the interconnected nature of natural systems and the consequences of human actions on the environment.
Moreover, the essay delves into the idea of ecological modernization, which advocates using technology and institutional innovations to address environmental issues. The proponents argue that adopting renewable energy technology and creating a regulatory framework can ease environmental strains, while critics argue that it may overlook the social, economic, and political factors responsible for environmental degradation.
The student presents a balanced view of ecological modernization, acknowledging both its potential benefits and drawbacks. While it may face challenges, the essay concludes that it can be implemented effectively to address environmental problems in the US, especially when combined with broader social and political solutions.
The essay cites relevant references to support the points made throughout the text, demonstrating a well-researched and informed understanding of the topic. Overall, the essay successfully covers various aspects of environmentalism in the US, providing a comprehensive analysis of its growth and the ideologies and approaches influencing its development.


Environmentalism in the US
Student Name
Environmentalism in the US
Environmentalism in the US has grown significantly over the past few decades and this can be attributed to a number of ideologies including the moral basis of environmental concern, post-materialism, ecological modernization and the democratic concern among others (Bell, et al., 2020). The moral basis of environmental concern loosely translated to the idea that human beings are morally obligated to conserve and protect the environment for those to come. This ideology has contributed significantly to the growth of environmentalism in the US as people have increasingly embraced the idea that they are tasked with ensuring environmental sustainability and their role in conserving the environment for future generations. The moral basis of environmentalism has led to numerous legislation over the past few decades with the development of many laws and regulation to govern the use of the environment and ensure its preservation through promotion of sustainable practices. One of the key proponents of this debate, Aldo Leopold, posited that human beings should consider themselves as a part of a larger system comprising not only human beings but also the neutral world (Gould & Lewis, 2018). Similarly, the environmental justice movement argues that all human beings have the right to live in a healthy environment regardless of their ethnicity or socioeconomic status. Overall, the idea of moral obligation towards environmental conservation is a key driving force for environmental preservation which has contributed to numerous legislation and shaped people’s perceptions of the environment.
Post-materialism, which refers to the idea that people have moved beyond material has also contributed significantly to increased

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