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Fundamental Human Rights (Essay Sample)


In about 500 words, I wrote an essay on the six fundamental human rights: The Right to Life, the Right to the Freedom from Harm, the Right to Free Thought, the Right to Free Movement, the Right to Freedom from Slavery, and the Right to Equality of Opportunity. The essay describes the rights in summary and highlights their significance to humanity as well as their limitations.


Fundamental Human Rights
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Fundamental Human Rights
Human rights are essential. They have been defined as basic moral guarantees that all people enjoy on the virtue of being people, and compliance with them is compulsory. On the other hand, fundamental human rights are recognized by a high level of protection from infringement (Nickel, 2019). The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), among other international laws and treaties and national laws, encompasses fundamental human rights promotion and protection (United Nations, 2015). These rights include the rights to life, freedom from harm, free thought, free movement, freedom from slavery, and equality of opportunity.
The Right to Life
Everyone has the right to live. According to article 3 of the UDHR, everyone has the right to life, security, and liberty (United Nations, 2015). However, there are exceptions to the right to life. For example, an action is lawfully taken to prevent a lawfully detained person from escaping and defending anyone from illegal violence. Furthermore, imposition of the death penalty is not considered a violation of the right, despite being prohibited in some nations (Brown, 2016). Therefore, states must affirmatively act to prevent unlawful loss of life.
The Right to Freedom from Harm
This right is meant to safeguard people’s security. It is based on the philosophical principle that one’s freedom cannot be limited unless their actions violate other people’s rights (Nickel, 2019). Article 3 of the UDHR stipulates that everyone is entitled to the right to liberty and security (United Nations, 2015). A person’s freedom to pursue their interests is limited to the extent that it violates the rights of others and does not meet requirements for public order and morality.
The Right to Free Thought
Public authorities cannot interfere with one’s freedom to hold certain beliefs. Freedom of thought is guaranteed under article 18 of the UDHR, which provides that everyone is free to have and change beliefs, either alone or with others (United Nations, 2015). However, this right can only be limited according to laws meant to safeguard public order and the fundamental freedoms of others (Brown, 2016). Free thought is crucial because it is the foundation of a democratic society.
The Right to Free Movement
Freedom of movement is a vital civil right. Article 13 of UDHR states that all individuals are at liberty to move within the borders of each jurisdiction, leave any country and return to their country (United Nations, 2015). However, the right to free movement can be limited by restraining orders linked to domestic violence, private and public property rights, and legal detention (Brown, 2016). Free movement of people improves economic integration and diplomatic relations between states.
The Right to Freedom from Slavery
Slavery and all forms of the slave trade are prohibited. The fourth article of UDHR dictates that nobody shall be held in bondage or slavery and recognizes it as a human right. The international has been enacted in national laws as a civil right (United Nations, 2015). For example, the U.S. constitution’s 13th amendment forbids slavery and servitude (Nickel, 2019). This ri

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