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Gangs, Drugs and Localized Crime (Essay Sample)

Gangs, Drugs, Localized Crime Discussion post: Young women are increasingly becoming involved in street gangs. Why do you believe this is happening? please cite sources Minimum 300 words source..
Gangs, Drugs and Localized Crime Student's Name Institutional affiliation Course Title Date of submission Gangs, Drugs, and Localized Crime Researchers track women's membership in gangs to the 19th century. Their involvement has been complex and invisible within the culture, making many researchers major in male gangs and stereotype females. The lack of deep analyses on these gangs globally has denied people exposure and created a gap in knowledge worldwide. Although young women gangs have been neglected, their involvement has been increasing rapidly due to several reasons like the need for protection, resources, feeling of belonging and family, unemployment, and substance abuse. Protection is a common reason why young females join gangs. According to statistics, they feel secure for being part of the gang families because most streets with gangs have unsecure environments and women are vulnerable to harassment and domestic violence (Maringira & Masiya,2018). Secondly, some gangs offer their members resources accessed through the gang bosses. Thirdly, gangs offer people a sense of belonging that some women are missing. Some ladies escape from their violent relatives and start-up families with the males within the gang. Additionally, the economic crises across the world have been a key contribution to young women involved in gangs. Gangs offer few job opportunities for females with fewer options because the economy offers poorly paid jobs that are hard to acquire. Lastly, women join gangs. As a result, substance addiction (Sutton, 2017). Addiction can deny people reliable job opportunities while gangs offer them jobs, protection, and a sense of belonging regardless of their states. Moreover, gangs can offer easy access to addictive substances like drugs. The involvement of young women in gangs began early and has been negle...
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