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Human Dignity (Essay Sample)


this paper talks about human dignity based on the perception of the writer. an article was presented in class, and after reading it we were asked on how we understand human dignity. the article cited was just for minor reference because most of the content of this paper is based on the knowledge and understanding of the writer herself.


Human dignity is that special intrinsic value that we humans possess. It is our self-worth and knowing the real and deep meaning of dignity empowers us to do great things and also to respect other human beings. It is not being earned but is considered a gift from God.
The article talks about the greediness of the US government by single-handedly buying all the production of the medication that is known to aid in the recovery of Covid patients for the next three months. This act of the US Government undermines international cooperation on COVID given that other countries also took part of the remdesivir trial. Though the US law clearly states that it has the ability to restrict products shipped to other countries as long as it is for the benefit of its citizens, it is clear that they only respect the dignity of the Americans.
Millions of people all around the world, especially the poor countries including the Philippines are in need of this medicine, and we say that every human being possesses human dignity which simply means that they should be respected and they should also feel that they’re important and they matter. But in this case of not sharing medicine to the other people around the globe, the human dignity of these people is clearly ignored.
In this other article, it talks about how dignity was restored after that of what happened to the Jews in World War II which they called it Holocaust in which the Germans deemed themselves superior and made an experiment over other races especially the Jews in which over 6 million people died. Also this article talks about how human beings are born free and equal in dignity and in rights. According to Kant, you have the right basically to say mind your own business, or to respect each other’s freedom as long as it does not interfere with your own.
In some instances however like in organ transplant wherein a patient had a

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