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Importance of Well-Being Initiative Programs (Essay Sample)


It is to develop a well-beign initiative.


The well-being initiative programs that I have chosen are biodiversity city council and Red Cross on climate change. The biodiversity city council is an initiative program that is founded on the climate and biodiversity emergency act which was declared in the city of Melbourne in 2019. Here such an initiative introduced a platform that is operational both at the domestic as well as international level. The initiative is aimed at bringing a change to the environment before the natural world is damaged beyond repair. The initiative shows that close to one million species will disappear from the face of the earth unless and otherwise rapid measures are going to be taken immediately. The biodiversity city council is primarily aimed at conserving the environment in the city of Melbourne. The initiative tries to bring forth awareness creation on the impacts of climate change in the city of Melbourne in several ways. The major catastrophes that are currently witnessed are heat waves, flooding and sea-level rise, bushfire smoke, and droughts. This change has a huge impact on both the life of people as well as vegetation and other animals.
The natural order is being disturbed as a result of climate change and because of this; the pollution is even having a negative impact on the economy. The initiative introduces different ways of responding to climate change in the city of Melbourne. Some of the measures taken include certifying carbon-neutral mechanisms, minimizing emissions, using renewable energy, planning tress, creating a green city, and establishing recycling all over the city. Such measures are generally founded on two major assumptions. First of all, we should care not just about the interests of human beings but also other parts of the environment. Secondly, a concern with the environment is not exclusively given to a particular authority. All human beings and members of a society are equally responsible.
Specific features in the initiative

Target well being outcome


Using products in different forms

Planting trees

Creating a green environment

Renewable energy

Using energy sources that are not easily depleted

The usage of recycling shows that products and natural resources will not be easily depleted and hence will be used in different forms. This directly contributes to conservation efforts. The planting of trees not only leads to reforestation activities but also contributes to the creation of a green society. The principle of sustainability and responsibility to future generations is also emphasized here. The usage of renewable energy is necessitated by the recognition that human beings must start looking for alternative energy sources. The usage of the current resources will lead to pollution and the depletion of existing resources. But using renewable energy guarantees the protection of the environment and also an ethically sound approach that emphasizes relations of interdependence between human beings and other parts of the environment.
A study that is conducted by M. Arbon and M. Ireland shows that in the city of Melbourne the introduction of recycling particularly in relation to water resources leads into the protection of the natural world and also leads to an effective usage of water resources. It is particularly recognized that the “use of recycled water will take the pressure off some ground and river water extraction” (Arbon and Ireland, 2003, p. 581). There are also positive reviews about planting trees as a way of preserving the environment. Particularly the planting of trees provides environmental as well as economic benefits (Coutts Et al. 2015). Regarding the usage of renewable energy, Alkaisi, Mossad and Sharifian-Barforoush tell us that “desalination integrated renewable energy systems offer a win-win solution to the energy and water problems” (2017, p. 273). The major limitation of initiatives like the biodiversity city council is two folded in their nature. On one hand, it is difficult to implement such conservation initiatives in the different governmental sectors. Related with this, secondly, mainstreaming conservation initiative into governmental policies is a difficult task. The best solution is to decentralize such efforts (Falleth and Hovik, 2009).
The other initiative that I looked at in detail is Red Cross on climate change. It is founded on the assumption that climate change is both an ongoing process and also a challenge that will have a significant impact on the fate of our societies. The impact of climate change is especially seen in the poor. The initiative assumes that both the rich and the poor need to cooperate with one another and must emphasize shared responsibility. All stakeholders must participate in the realization of climate-ready communities. This is an initiative that tries to incorporate the issue of climate in each and every human activity. The initiative is aimed at introducing a resilience approach that focuses on four major areas. These are well being, connection, knowledge, and security. These four components are in return believed to improve the quality of life for all that are concerned. Wellbeing encompasses both the mental and physical condition of an individual and also includes the quality of life. The connection is related to building lasting relationships and alarming situations in one’s society. Finally, security is of both personal safety and also living in a safe environment.
Specific features in the initiative

Target well being outcome

Well being

Physical and mental


relations that are fulfilling


Understanding of emergencies


Shelter, personal safety and financial security

The issue of well being is not 

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