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Do you Believe that Juvenile Boot Camps Effective in Correcting bad Behavior? (Essay Sample)


The question being answered in this essay is " Do you believe that juvenile boot camps effective in correcting bad behavior?"


Juvenile Delinquency Interventions
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Juvenile Delinquency Interventions
Juvenile boot camps are meant for delinquent adolescents with substance abuse or behavioral problems where they stay under supervision for a certain duration of time and are also subject to military-style discipline. The primary objective of boot camps is to reduce recidivism by modifying the participants` problem behavior. Behavioral modification occurs through immediate punishment of negative behavior and reinforcement of positive behavior.
A secondary objective of juvenile boot camps is to offer cost-effective punishment alternatives to imprisonment by diverting the youths from the traditional facilities and having them serve a shorter time in the program. Another importance of the juvenile boot camps is that it improves the youths` academic achievement and literacy and at the same time helps in reducing drug and alcohol abuse through treatment services. Some juvenile boot camps also integrate rehabilitative elements in the program including group counseling and education classes.
Scared straight programs allow the adult inmates to have sound and eye contact with juvenile offenders and mostly include jail tours. These programs involve adult inmates describing the harsh, unpleasant and extremely brutal conditions associated with prison or jail incarceration to delinquent. The expected outcome of these programs is to modify the behavior of the youth by scaring and shocking hence deterring them from taking part in further delinquent activities. According to recent research, the scared straight program has proved ineffective in curbing delinquent behavior and conclusions have been drawn that youths who were exposed to this program were more likely to engage in future crimes than those who had not participated in these programs.
Do you believe that juvenile boot camps effective in correcting bad behavior? Yes, I do believe in the efficiency of the juvenile boot camps as they assist to correct de...
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