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Are Law Enforcement Cameras an Invasion of Privacy? (Essay Sample)


the task was about law enforcement cameras and whether it is an invasion of privacy? this sample paper examines whether law enforcement cameras are an invasion of privacy?


Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy? Name
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Electronic surveillance has become ubiquitous in almost every nation. Whereas before surveillances cameras were installed only in high security profiled places such as Banks, Surveillance cameras are now entering public areas such as streets, small shops, malls, in public automobile and public parks. Law Enforcement agencies have installed electronic surveillance in efforts to monitor illegal activities. This essay will examine whether surveillance cameras intrudes the privacy of people.
They are no doubts that surveillance cameras have been vital in catching criminals. Law enforcement agents have been able to apprehend many criminals in the act leading to a reduction in crimes in public areas CITATION Pra10 \l 1033 (Prashyanusorn, Kaviya, & Mitatha, 2010). In this sense Criminals have been deterred from committing crimes in the streets, thus, making public places safer for the ordinary people. Surveillance is also cost-effective and time-saving since police don’t need to use a lot of funds, personnel and time investigating street crimes.
Despite the vital role of surveillance cameras in criminal investigations, one would argue that surveillance cameras have not been the perfect solution due to the intrusion of the privacy of the members of the public. Many people feel that they do not have the freedom to move around malls, streets or small shops without being recorded. To them being watched constantly make them feel like they are in jail. Police argue that criminals are the only one who have something to hide, but a vast majority of ordinary people are not comfortable trusting the government with too much information. They are in the view that some corrupt officials by twist information from surveillance cameras and twist them to victimize them CITATION Dav14 \l 1033 (Dave, 2014).
How much camera surveillance is too much? I firmly believe that as long as surveillance cameras are in public place that the privacy of ordinary people is not invad...
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