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Middle of the Ground: The People First Critics and the Environmentalist (Essay Sample)


an argument for the middle ground for both the environmental conservasivists and their critics


Environmentalist, Peoples-First Critic: In search of middle ground
Environmentalist, Peoples-First Critic: In search of middle ground
It bothers a lot when two sides that are supposed to be finding solutions for the best of the nation engage in a war of words rather than finding a middle ground to further the interest of the society. Wilson employs satire in presenting the two opposing sides that claim to be having a contrary opinion to the other in the matters to do with environment conservation. It is laughable that both bad mouth the other, yet they read from the same script.
It exciting to read the peoples-first critic addresses the environmentalist. They describe them in such a way that you may assume they are themselves saints awaiting beatification. They call themselves environmentalists his how they label them. Their main agenda is to expand the government agencies to accommodate their interest (Wilson & Knopf, 2002). They advocate for the government legislation to include the environmental conservation laws, the best of which they know they will have a chance to represent as lawyers, educators, or goodwill ambassadors. The people's-critic views the environmentalist proposal as a burden on the common man since they are to pay for the expansion of the government through their dollars. The environmentalist seems to overstep the freedom of the common man since even the plant of which the farm

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