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Moral decay (Essay Sample)


The instructions of this research paper required to provide detailed information on moral decay. This sample paper provides detailed information on what ethics entails. It also expounds on how adults contribute towards loss of moral ethics in the society. The paper also details on the effects of moral decay to organizations and its consequences.


Moral Decay
Observance of ethics not only pay attention to moral concepts that human beings ought to observe, but also examines the fundamental elements of conduct that people need to observe when either conscious or unconscious. Ethics play a significant role in the transformation of the society to the required level (Preston, 2007). It cut across many disciplines. For instance, social ethics focuses on not only to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, but also to those that it affects directly in meeting the good standards of the society. This paper aims at addressing the importance of the provided scenario, the persons it affects, and the moral values and beliefs it displays to the society. The paper will also detail on how I will address the matters presented by the scenario with my employee as an employer.
This scenario depicts what takes place in most societies. It shows how adults contribute to the moral decay by involving in some activities that are un-societal. The scenario also provides a clear picture of the current behavior of children. Most of the children indulge in dangerous jokes and intake of drugs and alcohol. From the scenario, it is evident that the use of drugs and alcohol contribute immensely towards moral decay. Unfortunately, the incidents that take place within the scenario affect all people regardless of gender or age; it involves both the adults and children.
It is un-ethical for society members to behave or participate in activities that will tarnish the name of the community or organization they work with. From what is portrayed in the scenario, it is evident that children and adults lack good morals. For instance, the occasional involvement of the employee in intake of alcohol and behaving awkwardly portrays a bad picture about the management of his employer. The involvement of children in consuming drugs and alcohol shows that the society from which this scenario was picked believe in unethical beliefs. Ethically, it is crucial for the adults to direct young people on how to behave in the society by portraying good behaviors. However, the adults in this scenario behave differently. Just as children they participate in not only the consumption of alcohol, but also in uncouth behaviors. Additionally, there is a great portrayal of lack of respect in this scenario. This is evidenced by the involvement of an employee in intake of alcohol while at work.
Employers do face many challenges in their daily activities. Most of them end up in conflicts with their employees. For instance, from this scenario, it is evident that most employees conduct themselves unethically. Some may take part in taking drugs and drinking alcohol irresponsibly. It is also evident that some employees may behave unethically after consuming alcohol. Such uncouth behaviors alters with the advancement of organizations, they portray bad pictures of the management and the organizations to the society. However, as an employer, I will appreciate having occasional talks pertaining moral ethics with my employees despite of their conducts in the society. This will enable me together with them set rules and penalties that will govern their conducts within the organization and in the society (Mizzoni, 2009).
Unfortunately, some employees do willingly or unwillingly disregard the set rules and indulge in un-societal behaviors. For instance, some employees may indulge in occasional misconducts such as consumption of liquor regardless of the set rules and previous warnings. Someone may think the best way of solving such problems is to terminate them from their respective works. However, as an employer I will not terminate my notorious employees; instead, I will prefer coming up with some measures that will enhance observance of discipline. For instance, I will ensure that the employees who misbehave occasionally take compulsory leaves for some months without payment.
To meet the objectives of my organization, I will also come up with a ...
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