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Nudists as a subculture (Essay Sample)


Nudists as a subculture

Nudism is a subculture that beliefs in the nakedness of the human body. It traces its origin in Germany and later spread to other western countries in the 20th century (Williams 2013). In particular, immigrant Kurt Barthel, in 1930s, introduced nudism in America, and the culture grew and spread since then( 2010). Those people who belief in this subcultures support it by arguing that the human were born naked and nudity, therefore, should be celebrated and accepted (Easen & Nick 2004). Nudists believe that the human nudity is the purest form of nature and that it should be cherished and exposed instead of being concealed. The nudist sees nakedness as a form of liberation and there have been many places and occasions to celebrate nudity, from nude beaches to nudist camps.
Nudism has been classified as a deviant culture to many people. This is because of the un-acceptance to the normal social norms across the world ( 2010). There have been a great resistance to the subculture and nudists have changed tactics on how they express their beliefs, by joining in a group, instead of individual expression (Williams 2013). The subculture has changed due to the pressure from the society, and the growth has slowed. However, it is still rampant and it just requires looking at the right place to find the nudists. The societies have developed stenotype about nudist as a group of sex perverts, pedophiles and deviates. The nudists have been forced to form private groups and organizations away from the public eyes, where they can express their beliefs.
The American Association for Nude Recreation is an organization in America that recruits and keeps the nudity subculture growing (Easen & Nick 2004). Nudist keep their lifestyle protected from the main public and necessary security is provided to avoid public attack. The understanding of nudist subculture is based on how it has evolved from the public individual displays, to the current private group functions. The subculture is fadin...
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