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Crime And Its Probability Of Occurrence And How To Prevent It (Essay Sample)


Describes crime and it's probability of occurrence and how to prevent it


Crime is the prime factor behind the establishment of this analysis where the idea is to deal with it .Crime analysis entail the information about occurrence or probability of occurrence of a heinous event. It relates the interaction of a victim, and the offender who is aware and of full knowledge about the offender and the place and time where the crime will occur. For starter, crime analysis is of great important to the investigative bodies for it will provide a layout on the approach to the will enable the police officers and the organizations involved to determine the controllers of the crime.
The approaches will be first to understand the crime itself and then provide the preventive crime strategies. By understanding, we will have to come up with policies .additionally; we have to identify the hotspots where most of the crimes occur and employ high intelligence degree of questioning and experiments (Clarke, V., & Eck, J. E. (2015). This will be possible through data gathering and formulation of so doing; we can understand the exposed places, the time which is prone to crime events and to identify individuals who may be suspicious. When this factors that contribute to crime are revealed, then we shall be about to come out with preventive strategies such as; improving street lights, youth education and empowerment, increasing security in venerable areas and a...
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