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Process, Rationale, and Objectves in Setting Smart Goals (Essay Sample)


Based on the video you submitted for module 3, propose at least 2 goals for the client that are specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and timely (SMART). In 6 –pages, you will (1) identify the client’s presenting problem(s); (2) identify and explain the process and rationale for proposing 2 SMART goals; (3) identify and describe at least 2 objectives or steps for each goal; and (4) describe quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods for monitoring and evaluating progress for each goal. Please review the directions and grading criteria (see below) for instructions on completing this assignment. Please closely review the rubric (see below) that will be used to grade this assignment. All students are expected to adhere to  University’s Academic Integrity Policy. All papers must conform to required elements (i.e., paper elements, format, organization) outlined in the 7th edition of the APA Publication Manual.
Presenting problem(s) 10 pointe Identify and elaborate on the client’s presenting problem(s).

Goals 30 points Identify and explain the process and rationale for 2 SMART goals.
Objectives or tasks 25 points Identify and describe at least 2 objectives or steps for each goal.
Monitoring progress 25 points Describe quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods for monitoring and evaluating progress for each goal.
Clarity of writing 5 points Use of standard English grammar and sentence structure. No spelling errors or typographical errors.
APA format 5 points Conforms to required elements outlined in the 7th edition of the APA Publication Manual.
Total 100 A quality essay will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


Setting Goals
While creating SMART goals, the needs of a single mother and her hyperactive kid should be considered. Patients' access to healthcare, continuous education, accuracy, and efficacy should all be considered. In the hectic, demanding atmosphere of the healthcare business, the significance of good goal-setting is sometimes understated. Healthcare providers, home care providers, and many nursing organizations who see the benefit of defining precise objectives are creating a strategic framework that aligns and monitors their organizational goals using People Goal.
According to the video, the goal has observable outcomes that may be utilized to determine whether you have attained it. Achievable: The objective is difficult yet attainable, given your skills, resources, and capabilities. Realistic: The objective complies with the general standards of the ward, division, and organization. Timely: The objective must be completed by a certain deadline. Little children who have mothers who have adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are at risk (Cairns et al., 2019). Genetic diversity and environmental factors are to blame for this. Also, the parenting style of a single mother is associated with dysfunctional parenting and inadequate responses to child behavioral treatment.
Client’s Problem
In order to examine issues regarding treatment sequencing in a manner that can assist in informing medical decisions in the real world, the Sequencing Multidisciplinary Assessments Randomised Trial (SMART) design is ideally suited. Based on the video, the SMART design may help address clinically relevant considerations when establishing the best 

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