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Online recruiting (Essay Sample)


3 sources evaluate two online recruiting Websites and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each one for recruiting talented people. Make a recommendation regarding which Website you would and would not use. Provide specific examples to support your response.


Online recruiting involves searching the internet for potential employees from people who are actively looking for employment or those who are already employed and content with their jobs. This kind of recruitment offers the employer an opportunity to sieve through databases of resumes and employee credentials online. When employees with desired qualifications are found, an employer can move on to the next step of meeting the employee.
is an example of an organization that offers the services of finding potential employees and linking them up with potential employers. As an employer, this organization comes in handy if and when I need an employee. I can avoid traditional employment agencies that charge substantial amount of fees. I can also avoid traditional advertisement of the job positions for instance in newspapers, which also costs more. The shortcoming of this method however is the many responses that one gets when a position arises. One gets bombarded with loads of responses to an available jobs and going through the potential employees credentials documents becomes a daunting task.
Another website, www. conducts the entire process of recruitment. They do candidate filtering and multi-job posting for the potential employer. They even have an online system through which an employer with an account an access and scour the available potential employees for a suitable candidate. Managing of the whole recruitment process by another organization or computerized system has a high propensity to getting not so suitable employees. A tool used by however presents an interesting. They have integrated multimedia interviewing using the career-cam live tool. I can interview potential employees live on camera. Talking to and understanding my potential employees is important and this is the reason why I would prefer webrecrui...
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