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Local and Community Responses to Conflict (Essay Sample)


the paper is about how different communities and societies face and resolve different forms of conflict.


Local and Community Responses to Conflict
Local and Community Responses to Conflict
Conflict is a very common thing in every society. There is, however, a slight difference in which every society responds or else resolve these conflicts. Conflict may be defined as a disagreement between or among parties. The parties in conflict perceive threats in their concerns, needs and interests CITATION Jon06 \l 2057 (Jones & A, 2006). Conflicts come about when there are some differences between the conflicting parties. Each party takes their position, and disagreement results in the process of seeking a common stand. There may exist differences between the perceived disagreements and d the true disagreement. This is another source of conflict, and the approach towards resolution determines how well the parties are able to resolve their conflicts. In the presence of conflict, it is sometimes not clear which parties are involved in the conflict. One party may be surprised to learn they are parties to a conflict while, at the same time, another party may feel offended by not being included as parties to a conflict. At one time, a person may become a party to a conflict just by reason of his or her position in the social system. People normally respond to perceived threat. This may be as a result of ignorance or lack of awareness of the real threat facing them. There is a need to address both the psychological and procedural needs within the conflict to come up with a resolved situation.Societies respond to conflict in many ways. There are diverse ways of responding to conflict, from cognitive, emotional, to physical responses. The way we respond to conflict can tell about the source of the threat we perceive. Emotional responses are viewed in terms of the feelings experienced in conflict. Feelings are usually in the form of anger, confusion, fear or even despair. Differing emotional responses are always confusing and threatening. The tendency of people thinking and believing that others share their emotional status is misleading. People will tend to view the same form of conflict in different ways. The ideas and thoughts about a certain form of conflict, which are always in the form of inner voices, form the cognitive responses. Cognitive responses are best understood through sub vocalization. They also contribute to the behavioral and emotional responses. Religious and civil conflicts are a common thing in the current world. People of different religious beliefs have engaged in disagreements o one form or the other, either a people of one religious belief trying to win territorial control or battle of what belief should reign. When a situation of intolerance prevails, injustice later follows. Injustice will, on the other hand, lead to retaliation and rebellion, rebellion further makes reconciliation very hard to achieve. The true origin of ...
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