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Risk Management: Preventing Another Terrorist Attack After the 9/11 (Essay Sample)


the task was about measures taken to prevent another terrorist attack after the 9/11 in us. the sample is about risk management.


Risk Management
The 9/11 attacks during the year 2001 in the United States of America came as a huge shock. This was despite the threats issued by the Islamic extremists led by Osama. The attacks were met by an insufficiently prepared emergency services. Needless to say, innocent lives and property worth millions were destroyed. The attack remains to be the biggest terror attack to take place in the US.
The deadly attack unified the emergency agencies in America. Most of them all came together for the good of the citizens. Unity indeed was a strength as they all came up with certain programs under the United States Government. The programs formulated were all in a bid to curb terrorist attacks or any other attacks of such nature. Indeed, something had to be done.
Firstly, the federal Government of USA created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agency. On Nov 2001 the transport and aviation security act were passed by the congress (Vohryzek-Bolden, Olson-Raymer, & Whamond, 2001). That agency and that law are the reasons you need to show up at the airport a few hours before your flight, take your shoes off as you pass security and can’t bring liquids on the plane. Before the attack, there was no cohesive method of vetting passengers before flying. Moreover, there were changes implemented for airplane security - Cockpits are now locked and only the pilot, from inside the cockpit, can unlock the doors.
About a year after the catastrophic attack, Homeland Security Act was enacted. The act dealt with issues of immigration. Visas became harder to come by for students, foreign nationals, and tourists. Those who were admitted into the country were subject to further scrutiny as fingerprints and other biometric data was collected. The department of Homeland Security and that of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement were formed in 2002 and 2003 respectively. Both were tasked with the duty of protecting the US and its borders (Vohryzek-Bolden, Olson-Raymer, & Whamond, 2001)
Domestic spying also came about after the 9/11. The then president – George W Bush signed a Patriot Act. The act was later extended by Barrack Obama in 2011. Here, the National Security Agency is given the mandate to collect information on U.S. citizens, foreign nationals, and governments. Emails, corporate data, and cell phones are subject to the NSA without a warrant.
As a result of 9/11, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) adopted an "all-hands" approach to evaluating, planning, assisting, and recov...
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