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Solving Air Pollution in Indonesia: Electric Cars vs. Public Transport (Essay Sample)


Electric Cars vs. Public Transport
Jakarta is a metropolitan empire centered in an amazing district of Indonesia. It is where most tourists go for vacation for its many attractions such as bustling market, exciting shopping centres, and various restaurants serving the most delightful dishes. However, this city is also suffering the most disgusting disease; Pollution. Almost everywhere you go, the smell of carbon monoxide exhaust from cars will fill your lungs and at least cause you to cough once. In our opinion,this is due to the lack of support from government to cease the constant usage of fossils fuels instead of other eco friendly alternatives that can be used for transportation.
Jakarta`s pollution rate is included in one of the world’s most alarming rate which is ranked 32nd out of all of Asia. According to data from the Jakarta Police traffic directorate, the number of vehicles registered in Jakarta has grown by an average of roughly 10 percent every year for the past six years, consisting of 4.1 million automobiles and 11.9 million motorcycles.
If governments spent their finances in researching on alternative vehicles, which doesn’t use any single fossil fuel; the air pollution in Jakarta would decrease efficiently.
To prevent the swelling rate of Jakarta's pollution, 

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