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Sources of Knowledge (Essay Sample)


The task on the paper was to identify other sources of knowledge apart from books and scientific observation. The paper has two sources which are books. The paper is double spaced.


Sources of Knowledge
Sources of Knowledge
Apart from books and scientific observation being sources of knowledge, there are other sources. The first important source of knowledge is instinct. Instinct is a valuable source of knowledge because it ensures that people initiate the reflex or automatic actions to avoid danger (Beyer & Burri, 2007 p.130). For example, when you see a snake near your leg you will pull it away involuntarily. During the action there is no reflection on this mechanical movement of the leg.
The second source of knowledge is reason. The reason is an exceptional source of knowledge among human beings because it ensures that people reach the door of perception or intuition. Reason plays the critical role of collecting and generalizing facts to a conclusion (Beyer & Burri, 2007, p.131).
The third critical source of knowledge is internet. Lytras & Naeve, (2007, p. 62) acknowledge that the internet is a valuable source of knowledge because it comprises of infinite information in academic and non-academic fields. Moreover, the internet is a priceless source of knowledge because the information is updated and current. Nonetheless, the internet as a source of knowledge is vulnerable to unaccredited information which may be ambiguous and erroneous.
The fourth source of knowledge is scholarly journals. Scholarly journals are a valuable source of knowledge because of their credibility and precision in information presentation. Scholarly journals are usually written by experts and researchers in a specified academic field. Consequently, the information in scholarly journals is original (Lytras & Naeve, 2007, p. 62).
The last source of knowledge is scientific experiments and statistics. The scientific experiments and statistics are a priceless source of knowledge because of their ability to present information and conclusions on problems or factors such as medication for unknown diseases (Lytras & Naeve, 2007, p. 64). For example, the ...
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