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Strategies to Improve Relations Between Middle East and the United States (Essay Sample)


what the US can do to improve its relations with the Middle East as a whole.
this sample describes the measures that the US government can use to improve relations with the middle east thereby safeguarding and taking care of its foreign policies and interest as a state.


"advanced reading us foreign policy & the middle east"
The end of the world war II in 1945 marked the United States as the super power after the defeat of the USSR. This puts US in a central position of attending to matters that affect the world and also safeguard and promote its policies as stipulated. However, the middle frequent wars and battles with bordering countries hinder them from full performance, and hence putting the exercise of their policies at stake. The US has to resort to solutions that will develop and improve its relations with the middle East. It should be noted that past wars between the Arab countries and the United States did not yield much solutions and therefore emanates the dire need to use better strategies. The following strategies will be enacted to help improve relations between middle East and the United States.
Abolish the counterfactual theory of logic to use of dialogues.
The historical accounts of war between the United States and the middle East through the dominant use of this theory did not prove to be of much use. Scholars who defend this view often commit two serious errors in their evaluations of the actual situation on the ground when narrating their understanding of a historical war. To begin with, they base all their arguments on imminent threats and assume that the perspectives were sold to America’s congress. Secondly they assume that there was only one position of response. For example, during the attack to Iraq by the United States. This principle is vague as it is an ignorance to more factual facts when needing to make decisions.
The adoption of dialogues as substitute will see the improvement of the relations of United States and The middle east. For example, a recent attempt to have dialogue between US and Iraq may prove beneficial to both parties. In ‘What’s next for 

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