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The Changing Face of Terrorism Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


For this written assignment you are to write a three- to five-page position paper on The Changing Face of Terrorism. This paper must
Examine the current state of the threat of terrorism within America.
Analyze the tools law enforcement is using to counter the threat.
Determine if law enforcement has the necessary tools to counter the threat.
Formulate your position on whether we are winning the war on terrorists, holding our own, or setting ourselves up for another 9/11.


The Changing Face of Terrorism
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The Changing Face of Terrorism
Progressive ideas on liberty that prevail in the United States make it an easy target for many terrorist groups. However, the result of close surveillance of the country's borders since the 9/11 bombings is that known terrorists find it increasingly difficult to enter the country freely. Additionally, careful scrutiny of visitors from specific countries means that using foreign operatives to orchestrate attacks on the United States is harder. Therefore, the greatest threat to national security in the United States comes from the homebred radicalized terrorist who either acts alone or under instruction from foreign agents. Such a terrorist is harder to track and can cause more damage than a foreign operative who faces many challenges, from gaining entry to accessing required resources, while in the United States. The changing face of terrorism makes the federal government's current counter-terrorism methods less effective due to the presence of internal threats, a preoccupation with external threats, and the increasing influence of internet-based propaganda among the younger generation.

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