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The Moral Implication of Giving Money to Beggars (Essay Sample)


This paper was an undergraduate level short essay in a sociology class. It was centered on the question: Should we give money to beggars? The instructions stipulated providing a coherent argument for one’s chosen position. The task involved writing an APA 7th formatted essay and citing two relevant scholarly sources, while providing relevant examples.


The Moral Implication of Giving Money to Beggars
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The Moral Implication of Giving Money to Beggars
People beg for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the prevalence of poverty. Begging is seen as a quick way to make money for individuals facing diverse financial problems. As a consequence, it is not surprising to see non-disabled persons who choose not to work and wander across streets scrounging assistance from kind-hearted donors. Even though charity is regarded as a noble act of kindness, people should not give money to beggars because it undermines the values of hard work and self-sufficiency.
While a few coins can bring a smile to someone’s face, soliciting money from strangers can also potentially encourage financial dependency. The rising number of homeless people globally creates a pity market where begging proves a quick, effortless way to make a living. Instead of giving hand-outs, people should pledge to charitable organizations that undertake a wide range of noble community projects. According to Parsell (2019), charity establishments provide benefactors with an opportunity to show their care and compassion to the destitute. For example, prominent foundations like American Red Cross rely on charities to fund disaster preparedness, emergency assistance, and other humanitarian missions. Notably, organizations adopt various transparency mechanisms to show stakeholders and the public how they spend their resources (Hyndman & McConville, 2018). Therefore, the best thing for sympathizers is to donate to the vast array of groups that assist the underprivileged.
In brief, people should not give money to beggars because it encourages reliance on others, even for individuals capable of working and contri

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