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Models of Training (Essay Sample)


3 sources Identify a situation at your workplace in which distance learning would be a feasible solution. Predict the problems that it would address, the manner in which distance learning could help solve those problems, and the relevance the training would have on workplace KSAs. Provide specific examples to support your response.


Distance learning is an educational format designed to enable students utilize the option of attaining educational qualifications without having to physically attend classes. It has the feature of flexibility and convenience for students since they can schedule themselves and set their own pace of work. Students can work and at the same time continue with education. At my workplace, distance learning would come in handy where an employee cannot attend classes physically due to time and budget constraints. As a Point of sale administrator, I am usually required to be at work for extra hours and my working shifts are usually not the same. They also are not predictable. However, I usually have free time in intermittently during my discourse of duty. This work mode does not allow me to attend even evening classes. The most suitable method, if I am to advance my education, training and skills is via distance learning.
With distance learning, I will be able to organize myself how I deem fit. This would depend on my current work schedule. I would study during the intermittent free sessions at work. It is also a convenient method, since, I wouldn’t have to pay for the extra costs for library access, tuition among others. My busy work schedule will not affect my studying as adversely as it would, should I have studied fulltime. With internet connection, I’ll be able to access study material and lecture videos online, from anywhere, at work, at home and elsewhere. I’ll be able to study whenever I settle. At times, I have trouble handling some technical issues while at work. This can partly be attributed to my level of training.
Further study and training will help me be more knowledgeable and able to handle more complicated tasks as a result. This would even be more suitable since I would be studying while practicing my trade. Sometimes, technical issues that require knowledge from further training arise. For instance, am fully trained on networks installations and am aware of the best protocols to implement in order to get the best from the network. However, new devices keep being introduced in the organization, for instance ipads and tablets. There arises a need...
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