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Application of various concepts in psychology. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


the task was an academic essay and the sample is about various concepts in psychology


Applications of Various Concepts Learned From the Course
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This is a research paper addressing the various concepts learnt from the course. The research covers our understanding of the various chosen concept topics; and how we can synthesize them, in understanding ourselves in relation to personal experiences. It also covers how we can apply the concepts in understanding others. Critical thinking, valuing others and effective communication are succinctly explored throughout the paper.
Keywords: Concepts, synthesis, ourselves, personal experience, others
Applications of Various Concepts Learned From the Course
In trying to understand human behaviors, their thinking and emotional reactions, that shape how they relate with others, and how they perceive the environment they live in, various theoretical concepts emerge. As intricately elaborated in the subsequent paragraphs using the various institutional learning outcomes, there is evidence of a consistent thesis statement that comes out throughout the essay. The thesis statement is whether human behaviors and their relationships towards each other are affected and influenced by psychological concepts. Through understanding psychology as the scientific study of human mind and behaviors, the various concepts help us to understand others, the environment and ourselves.

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