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Do You Believe Young College Students Should Postpone Marrying Until They Graduate? (Essay Sample)


this paper discusses on whether college student should wait untill they finish studies to marry or get married

Do you believe young college students should postpone marrying until they graduate?
I believe that all college students should restrain from marrying or getting married. There are many reasons that should support this above assumption. One of these reason, is that these college students are still supporting themselves; they are expecting all financial support from parents. it's reasonable to be financially stable before settling into a marriage. It is really important to put one's life in perspective and have a plan ahead. Some decisions if not properly considered might lead to regrets.
These are young people probably under the age of 20, they are young, naïve and probably blinded by love, most college students are struggling with part time work and their studies, and getting married and possibly having a family would be a partial or total distraction to the studies of the students. I have noticed a lot of women quitting their studies because they became pregnant and/or were unable to raise their baby. As much as they want to be happy with the person they love, then they would support each other to have a vision for themselves and to continue their...
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