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Big Data Technology: Integration, Extraction, Analysis, and Warehousing (Essay Sample)


Design an intelligent SYSTEMS


Service Design
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The long-lasting education reformation of the nation as well as development planning outlined for 2010 – 2020, started in around June 2010, this has put forward, information technology has the revolutionary effects as education is rapidly developing, and so great significance should be attached to it. The construction of a variety of university management for information as well as digital campus, wisdom campus has given newer means as well as diverse resources for education teaching, as a result a lot of larger data has been produced simultaneously, big data has becoming a great challenge in many institutions of higher education.
The paper has taken real life examples in order to explain the application of data services as well as decision support in the intelligent information management, together with the intelligent information services as the major goal, in combination of the demand of the services development, the application of principle technologies like ETL, data warehouse modelling in designing an intelligent management services system of colleges as well as universities concerning the technology of data.
The story of big data started to surge in the media services as well as from various walk of life. The comparison of the effect of the internet, network reaching, cloud computing technology, technological education industry, particularly those effects of college, the effect of big data is a bit inadequate. As from 1990, all universities in the country started the construction of information system in colleges as well as the universities, to cover the businesses of several aspects of the student, asset, personal. The infiltration of the social networks in the learning life, student’s demand, mid-level mangers as well as teachers for the information system services can no longer be reduces to the basic functions like statistics data, provided information, this resulted into very high expectations for the services which faces the consumers of these services system of universities as well as colleges. In contrary to this, there is large amount of historical data in the colleges as well as universities, data analysis concerning the huge data has increased the possibility of the intelligent services. It has extremely become significant to the intelligent management services of the daily business in collages as well as universities to build the intelligent management information system, this is due the intelligent recommendation of the demand individuality of the students as well as teachers to the life as well as studies.
Data integration and extraction.
This data which is used in the paper is based on the data of teachers as well 

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