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Case Study on Cisco Sytems (Essay Sample)


The paper is about a case study of Cisco Systems company

Cisco Systems
Cisco Systems is a company that I really admire,not only beacause of their realiability in business but also because they are a step ahead in terms of technology,in this matter information technology and specifically networking field.This is a company that bases its business on the design of networking equipments.After they have done designing of the equipments,the company goes a step further to manufacture these components.After that,the company distributes and sells these networking equipments within the country and also to other countries around the globe.
With the current technological networking advancements,Cisco Systems is in the right path and direction.They are not offering the best networking equipments but they are embracing higher learning networking standards by offering various learning programs in networking like Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA) certification program.Indeed this company is doing it and it is successful.This is evident from the fact that they have a huge range of products.The company also has a huge level of importance on market share leadership from the fact that they have a minimum target share of forty percent in all its markets globally.The company has established itself in largest emerging market economies like that of China and India.Cisco Systems have a very bright future ahead because they have outwitted all their competitors,they will continue to conquer the networking industry for many years to come.
Cisco systems should wi...
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