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Censorship of Unsuitable TV Programs for under Sixteen's (Essay Sample)


Censorship of Unsuitable TV Programs for Under Sixteen’s


Censorship of Unsuitable TV Programs for under Sixteen’s

Censorship of Unsuitable TV Programs for under Sixteen’s
Television is a powerful system that can influence the behavior of children in different ways. Unfortunately, most of the current television programs are violent. Television is to blame for the growing numbers of violent children in the society today. In many houses, electronics such as television and video games are used to baby sit children, thus substituting quality time that would be spent with parents. Most children under the age of sixteen spend time alone after school because their parents are at work, and they end up learning all sorts of behaviors from the television. In the persuasive essay that will follow, the focus will be on whether unsuitable television programs should be censored for children under sixteen. Because television is a powerful influencing tool, unsuitable programs should be censored for children under sixteen (Martin, 2007, p.68).
Firstly, viewing violent television programs for long hours is likely to cause aggressiveness among children. Children who are below sixteen perceive television violence as realistic, and they are likely to practice what they have watched. This is especially the case with children who have learning, emotional, behavioral or problems with impulse control. The effects of television violence may be visible years later, or it may be seen immediately. Children are even likely to be affected if the atmosphere in the family does not show a tendency towards violence. Although television violence is among the many causes of violent or aggressive behavior, it is indeed a significant factor. In view of the above, unsuitable television programs should be censored for children under sixteen (Martin, 2007, p.74).
According to studies concerning television and children, unsuitable programs usually have impacts on the children grades, sleep, and weight. Most children below sixteen spend time watching unsuitable programs at the expense of studying and doing assignments. Eventually, their grades tend to suffer tremendously. Because of spending many hours watching unsuitable programs, sleep problems among children have escalated. Children may develop chronic sleep problems, and this can only be contained through censoring unsuitable programs for children under sixteen. Extensive television viewing can lead to obesity because children prefer to spend time on television at the expense of exercise. In order to curb this menace, censoring unsuitable programs will persist in ensuring the rates of abortion lowers among children below sixteen (Singer & Singer, 2001, p.38).
Most unsuitable television programs rarely teach children proper behaviors that go hand in hand, with what parents want. Instead, they are exhibited with mean behaviors, unsuitable solutions to problems, and stereotypes. Children below sixteen should learn appropriate behaviors that are desirable to both parents and the society. Most of the time in their early years should be spent learning desirable behavior that would shape their future. Unfortunately, due to the presence of unsuitable television programs, the desirable manners instilled by parents are compromised. Childr...
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