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About What The Civil And Social Uses Of Drones Are Nowadays (Essay Sample)


About What The Civil And Social Uses Of Drones Are Nowadays


Civil and Social Uses of Drones
Evangelia Bougla
The 21st century is characterized by an astonishing technology revolution and massive technology innovations which have minimized long distances and increased knowledge. One technology innovation in the field of information is the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Their applications vary ranging from science, society, agriculture and technology to military use and safety. What is more, their use has spread to such a great extent, that they are likely to be used by hobbyists or even children. A worldwide survey of existing UAVs in 2004 found that 79 per cent are aimed at civil research or dual-purpose operations and that this is likely to continue. This emerging civil market includes potential applications such as public security, law enforcement, border patrol, emergency services and commercial services (Finn & Wright, 2012).
Keywords: drones, UAVs, civil, social, technology, unmanned, aerial, vehicle
First of all, as far as their entertaining use is concerned, drones’ relatively low price has enabled them to become a part of everyday reality. Their ability to carry small cameras has made it possible for people to record videos or take photographs from distant locations and receive the camera footage on their smartphones or computers. The videos or photographs can then be forwarded to their acquaintances or uploaded to the Internet in the blink of an eye (Rao, Gopi, & Maione, 2016).
Furthermore, drones are currently used to protect civilians from harm of their property or family. They fly over public space to ensure people’s safety while recording and transmitting anything suspicious. While people of a nation should be able to feel safe and protected by their government, drones can easily violate their privacy when placed in the wrong hands. Due to them being accessible to anyone, they can be used to monitor private lives and harming them in the end.
Moreover, drones have a lot of applications on agriculture and biodiversity control. They can produce 3-D maps of fields, monitor crops and plants and transmit information about the time to plant or harvest. They can also spray crops and trees and even assist with their health assessment against bacterial or fungal infections. Regarding biodiversity, drones can reach inaccessible locations and monitor animal populations which may be at the risk of extinction. In addition, their application on forest surveillance helps to spot fires early so that measures are taken in time (Mazur, 2016).
Last but not least, their ability to collect data with their sensors and cameras is taken advantage of during natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods. Missing people are able to be found and rescued with their valuable assistance. This is made po...
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