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Management Information Systems: Tesla's Driving Competitive Strategy (Essay Sample)


Please read through Case Study 1 (Tesla: Driving Competitive Strategy) from Chapter 1 (Pages 21/22) and answer questions 1-5 to 1-10 (total of approximately 400 words). (35 points) 2. Please read through Case Study 2 (One IS, Many Cups of Coffee) from Chapter 2 (Pages 46/47) and answer questions 2-8 to 2-14 (total of approximately 400 words). (35 points) 3. Please answer Question 4-7 from Chapter 4 (Page 97) (total of approximately 400 words). (30 points) The textbook used is PROCESSES, SYSTEMS,
AND INFORMATIimnON An Introduction to MIS 3E


Management Information Systems
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Management Information Systems
Case Study 1 (Tesla: Driving Competitive Strategy)
1-5. Tesla competes in its business by differentiating itself in various ways. The strategy entails creating unique automobile models that distinguish Tesla from other manufacturers. Differentiation may be done in several ways by offering a distinctive product design, exceptional customer service, or technical superiority. Like the Model S, its automobile models have eco-friendly technologies, making them distinctive and appealing to a clientele that is more environmentally concerned. Tesla's direct-to-consumer sales model, which eliminates the need for dealerships and delivers a relatively hassle-free purchase and ownership experience, is also unique in the industry. Tesla aims to be an industry leader in autonomous driving features. Autopilot utilizes cameras, digitally-controlled brakes, sensors, and front radar. When autopilot enhancements pass first safety testing, Tesla upgrades the software of already-owned vehicles.
1-6. The intense competition and danger of substitutes have the most significant impact on Tesla's sports vehicle business. The sports car sector is unaffected by the negotiating strength of suppliers, the bargaining power of consumers, and the danger of new competitors. Tesla is in a market with intense competition. There are just a few companies working in the automobile industry. In the context of Porter's Five Forces research, this external factor restricts the influence of rivalry on businesses such as Tesla, Inc. However, these companies are often active in product innovation and marketing. Low switching costs limit Tesla consumers' reluctance to acquire automobiles from other vendors. This external element exerts a powerful impact on the corporation and its competitors in the automobile sector. In addition, most suppliers are of modest 

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