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Physics Dissection Paper: Air Conditioning Technology (Essay Sample)


The order required me to fully dissect an air conditioning system while explaining its thermodynamic cycles with the inclusion of equations


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Definition of an Air Conditioning System:
It is a system designed to lower the temperature of air, dehumidify, filter, and circulate the air to create a comfortable room atmosphere. There are several systems, though we shall study the working principle only, and not the types.
Components of Air Conditioning System
The Coils
Two coils, one on each side of the house, inside and outside. Something cold, the refrigerant is channelled through the coil inside the house before we inject warm air across the coil. This allows the coil to absorb heat from the house air.
A nontoxic, noncorrosive, and non-flammable Freon 12 or Freon 22 is passed through the coil lumen. Freon does run in a loop. It passes via the indoor coil, via copper pipe to the outdoors, through the coil on the outdoor, and re-enters the indoor coil via a different pipe.
See figure below.
As the Freon in the coil turns from liquid to gaseous state, it absorbs the heat from the air in the building. The gaseous Freon does leave coil warmer than the incoming liquid.
Let us assume that a cold low-pressure liquid is passed across the coil – evaporator coil – inside the building, the air of the building at 75°F blows across the refrigerant before moving out of the coil at 55°F. The cold Freon, liquid, which entered the evaporator coil exits as a gas at low pressure. The cold gas at low pressure goes outside and compresses into a hot gas at high pressure. Then the hot gas is channelled through the condenser coil – at 85℉ - and the outdoor air blows acros...
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