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SFIA Framework (Essay Sample)


A brief academic backgrounds for three candidates and using SFIA framework to offer ideas regarding their future career development.

Affiliate institution
Personal Profile
I am a positive and self-driven personality who can thrive on a continuous challenge and I fetch a lot of satisfaction in the achievement of both personal and team goals. I have great leadership, interpersonal and organizational skills with unparalleled desire to learn from my mentors. In addition, I am hardworking, self-directed, a team player and resilient individual who is never afraid to take on a challenging task. I have strong organizational skills that have always seen me achieve my goals ahead of time as I deliver quality job. Moreover, I have the ability to get on well with individuals at all levels as I create good working relations that has seen me learn new skills in places where I have worked.
My career objective is nothing short of working in a dynamic organization so as to meet full challenges that will log a call for my both learnt and intrinsic skills optimally for organization, personal and career growth.
Academic Background and Experience
I am a graduate from police academy with a bachelor’s degree in Security Science. I also hold a diploma in Law and more so, have completed advanced level English course that earned me a 6.0 IELTS certificate.
I have adept knowledge in Microsoft office (MS) applications and I am good, particularly, in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. I have ample skills in Graphic design using Adobe Photoshop CS, web design using HTML and JavaScript. I am also well conversant with Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Ubuntu Linux. Additionally, I have basic knowledge in programming.
While at the University, I covered a number of core units that is included software engineering where I got hands on experience in developing software and applications using C# programming. I have incredible knowledge in database development, and digital forensics.I am currently pursuing a degree course in computer and information security at Plymouth University and I am looking for an opportunity to join a huge Secret Services company where I would like to serve in an IT department and put my existing skills to good use.
SFIA Evaluation
Information Systems coordinators are charged with the duty of managing and issuance of appropriate advice on the choice, design, validation, implementation and execution of information security controls. It also involves managing of plans to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, availability and accountability of the information systems. This role in the ministry of interior is very important because it would ensure that the ministry’s information is safe and well coordinated. To start with, my employer is the ministry of interior and I would wish to serve in the role of information security level 3 where I would be required to maintain certain security controls as required by the ministry of interior policies. In this position, I would also be expected to carry out risk assessments in order to monitor the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information security as well as prevent unauthorized access to the ministry’s information. As an Information Security officer I would be required to scrutinize the IT system of my employer and ensure that it is free from any malicious software and malwares. This means that a lot of professional efforts would have to be expended at most in order to deliver as per my career expectations. Nonchalantly, it is clear, that this position requires a person that is a good team player because one has to keep in touch with the entire ministry’s staff while escalating security issues that face the ministry of interior. A chance at Homeland Security would be of benefit since I will get ample experience given that it is a huge security body. After a five year stint in the position at Homeland Security, I would like to job hop and become a systems developer because of the programming skills I possess.
A system developer is charged with management of resources so as to strategize, and execute system’s development programs on time. Software developers are the ones in charge of developing computer programs and moreover, make software that allows people to carry out myriad of tasks on their computers. They design, code, test, debug and document programs as well as modify programs according to standard specifications in order to meet their goal. Other system developers are in charge of the development of operating systems that run on various devices. In regard to the above description, these skills fall under the role of development in the SFIA prospects. A skill in software development level 3 would, therefore, be adequate. With proficiency in HTML5, JavaScript, and C#, I would be equipped to serve as a system developer. I would wish to partake of the development of web-based application of my employer.
Professionalism in development has it that a good web application is one with high scores in security and also, one that meets the requirements of the users. As an application developer, I would require to exercise professional ethics in every bit of my career. I would need to develop systems that are more secure from malicious attacks by hackers and malware. Moreover, my professionalism will not allow me to reveal any shortcomings regarding the systems in use in an effort to curb insecurity. I would need to ensure that I develop good time management skills via deployment of project’s schedules. After serving as a developer for four years, I would wish to climb up my career ladder to a role of Systems engineer in the ministry of interior.
System engineers are charged with the application of appropriate procedures during solving of system related problems as well as systems maintenance and reuse. A system engineer needs to learn and know the systems architectural design. It, therefore, means that this position demands for an individual who is quick to learn and one who has great passion for solving problems. These qualities are a perfect match of my attributes. For me to qualify as a system engineer, I need proficiency in system design, system testing, system ergonomics, database design, system integration and systems installation. In this case, database design level 2 is much needed since it entails skills like implementation of simple projects requirements into a physical database. The aforementioned skills are what I would need as a systems engineer. Proposed alterations to object and data structures are often assessed before they implemented by a system engineer. Another relevant skill to a system engineer is system installation level 2 which involves installing or removing hardware or software using the supplied instructions and equipment. With this skill, I will be able to correct malfunctions and investigate faults regarding hardware or software installations. In addition, systems integration level 2 would also help me as a system engineer to diagnose the system faults and fix them.
It is clear that a Systems engineer knows much about a system’s architecture, as well as system design. As a system engineer at the ministry of interior, I would need to exercise professional ethics in order to prevent leakage of the ministry’s top secrets regarding its systems. In addition, team work will be of the essence since this job demands that you work with the entire staff of the ministry in order to achieve the ministry’s goals.
Personal Profile
I am a resilient and self-motivated individual who can cope with pressure at a job setting and I desire full challenges so as to fully grow into my full career stature. Realization of the organization, team and personal goals is my benchmark. In addition, I have amazing leadership, and organizational skills coupled with a great zeal to learn. Moreover, I am hardworking, self-directed, a team player and bold. I have the ability to relate well with individuals at all levels and thus create good working relationships.
I am looking forward to joining a busy and dynamic organization so as to meet full challenges in order for me to apply my both intrinsic and learnt skills in offering solutions to challenges.
Academic background and experience
I am, apparently, pursuing a degree in computer and information security. Nevertheless, I hold a bachelor’s degree in security science and diploma in law. I have completed a course in upper intermediate level which is an English course that saw me earn a 5.5 IELTS certificate.
I am proficient in Microsoft office with adept knowledge in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. I have basic skills in C# programming and I am good in database development. I am also well versed in Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Ubuntu Linux.
I have previously served in a position where I was charged with issuance of guidance to small scale organizations regarding the need of integrating computing and internet based communication in business.
I have a dream of joining a renowned CID firm and serve as a cybercrime investigator officer in future.
SFIA Evaluation
A system analyst is charged with analyzing an organization’s system and recommending on what an organization should implement in order to streamline their operations. In addition, he determines the programs, applications and software that are vital for an organization’s success. In my aspiration of becoming a cyber-crime investigator, I would wish to start as a system analyst in the police force. As a system analyst in the police force, I would require a technical know-how and business savvy to decipher the police force requirements. In SFIA understanding, system analysts require skills in software development, system integration, ergonomic design, system testing, and system egornomics. I would require the mentioned...
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