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Solar Energy: Solar Panels Can Be Used At Homes (Essay Sample)


Solar energy

Home solar is the use of solar energy from the sun. Solar panels harness the sunlight power to generate electricity which can be used at homes and for businesses. Although solar energy is said to be environmentally friendly and reduces the cost of electricity, the world is unlikely to go the solar way in future since they are unreliable, expensive to install and occupy large space.
Solar power system is weather dependent. They are unreliable especially during the rainy, cloudy, and foggy climates since its efficiency is dismal at those times. They are more efficient during the sunny seasons and can only harness the solar energy during the day (Paulescu et al., 2013).
The cost of installing a solar power system is quite high due to the additional expenses incurred purchasing the solar panel, battery, inverters, and wires. The solar energy storage is also expensive despite its ready availability during the day. One needs to charge the batteries during the day to ensure the storage of enough power for utilization at night (Srinivasan, 2006).
Solar panels occupies large spaces. The amount of power generated by a solar energy system depends on the duration the system remains exposed to the sun and the size of the system itself.  One needs numerous solar panels to harness sufficient solar energy hence the need for expansive tracts of space. The space must be open and clear of any obstructions to allow the sunlight to reach the panels directly.
Home solar is not purely friendly to the environment. Although the solar energy is renewable, the fact that the solar panels are made up of heavy metals like silicon, lead, mercury and cadmium metals is detrimental to the environment. More so, solar panels may leak water on the rooftop (Richardson, 2017).
In conclusion, it is apparent that, despite the solar power being cheap ...
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