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The Role of Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification Essay (Essay Sample)


The Role of Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification


Social Media is Unviable for Political and/or Social Change
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Social Media is Unviable for Political and Social Change
Social media is a collection of applications and websites that enable people to share ideas and socialize at large. The use of media, such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, has intensely altered the way campaigns are done and how people network with their chosen representatives. The pervasiveness of social media in politics has caused elected leaders and contenders for civic office to be virtually available to voters than before. Besides, the capability to broadcast content to millions of individuals promptly allows movements to prudently accomplish their contenders’ images centered on rich sets of logistics in an actual period and at nearly no cost. For these reasons, many politicians and other society leaders are capitalizing on the use of social media to drive their agenda forward. However, the use of these media poses significant disadvantages that cannot be easily comprehended. Precisely, the use of social media to bring political or social change is not a meaningful choice. Fundamentally, the use of social media promotes laziness, does not reflect a legitimate change, and gives a false sense of accomplishment, thus making it an unviable tool for political or social change.

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