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Unit III Journal Entry Hyg Technology Essay Research (Essay Sample)


You have been asked to perform a job hazard analysis (JHA) at your place of employment. Which method would you use to perform the JHA? Explain your choice.
Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.


Unit III Journal Entry Hygiene
Student’s Name
Columbia Southern University
One of the approaches that have been used to enhance the safety of the employees in the workplace has been job hazard analysis (JSA). Also depicted as the job safety analysis, it has been a technique that tries to ascertain the risks of particular tasks with the aim of reducing the danger of injuries to the workers. Once the risks have been identified, the process helps in eliminating the hazards before the workers are hurt. Job hazard analysis has also been applied in the investigation of accidents as well as training the workers on how to do their jobs safely.

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