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Approaches towards Sustainable Tourism (Essay Sample)


Code 75480148 - Approaches towards Sustainable Tourism


Tourism is an old phenomenon and so it has been part of people understanding for years. Tourism concerns experiences and this involves shopping, enjoying sports, and exploring habits. These experiences change with time and as a result, shaping the future of the tourism industry
Approaches towards Sustainable Tourism
Tourism is a major income earner and helps different nations achieve economic development. There are several approaches capable of improving the sector and increase the foreign exchange earned. Such approaches can effectively work for international and domestic tourism. It is sometimes necessary to examine the major strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for any kind of approach towards improving tourism (Sofield 26). Four major actions to manage the sector include application of a development approach, development of both inbound and outbound tourism, and also improvement of tourism products. This paper will give the SWOT analyses for the four mentioned approaches.
The Development Strategy
It is necessary to implement a tourism development approach. This is one way through which the tourism industry can be improved for a given country. SWOT analysis can be applied when coming up with a development approach. Some of the strengths include a background in tourism activities, already planned action capable of delivering the social and economic benefits, a good international reputation, presence of wildlife and first-class natural sceneries and resources, good transport system, good climate, weather, enough finances to support the approach, competent pioneers of the new change and well experienced tour guides (Sofield 23). However, there are some weaknesses that may be faced when developing the approach. Some climatic changes might interfere with the approach, some parts of the roads have been damaged, and some areas have poor access and inadequate natural sceneries. There has been poor reputation of the country's economy and tourism sector, and also increased costs towards bringing the change. It is necessary to address these weaknesses to make the approach possible towards improving the industry.
The opportunities and threats exist within the external environment of the industry. Some of the opportunities include the desire for tourists to come into the country, new technological advancements to improve operations, reduced costs of transportation and regulations, and also the continued globalization which has continued to encourage international movements. However, there are several threats which affect the above the approach (Sofield 33). For example, there are several new regulations to be considered, issue of terrorism, emergence of better tourism destinations and poor advertisement strategies. Increased competition in the industry also affects the industry's responsiveness over the last few years.
Development of Inbound Tourism
Inbound tourism refers to improvement of the tourism activities for the people visiting a given destination. This will help increase the number of tourists visiting more areas within a given country or community and improves appreciation. Inbound tourism therefore involves very many activities which have to be done simultaneously and also working with partners. Towards improving inbound tourism, there is the need of working with partners to promote brands and also make the destinations beautiful (Sofield 42). A consistent communication network is expected and all people have to be informed while at the same time having all products ready for the tourists. The major strengths include global recognition, tourist attraction sites, proper road network, security, proper technological use, promotional services, quality services and products offered, and good international relations. The weaknesses faced include some problems with infrastructure, poor international recognition, lack of enough wildlife, poor transportation in winter and also the current economic crisis which has affected the projects aimed at promoting tourism.
Some of the major opportunities include international advertisement, globalization, and improvement of technology and availability of visa cards. More people have also been visiting the country for specific researches and hence playing the role of tourists. Good international relationships have therefore been playing a major role towards inbound tourism development in the country. Lesser international regulations have continued to promote inbound tourism. Some of the possible threats faced include increased competition from other tourist destinations, emergence of substitute tourism products, increased movement barriers, terrorism threats and economic downturn. It would be necessary to address these barriers and threats towards improving inbound tourism in the country (Sofield 56).
Development of Outbound Tourism
Outbound tourism is the process when tourists coming from a given country visit other different places occurring outside their own country. For instance, a person living in England and goes to United States as a tourist. Outbound tourism is very common and helps improve income and foreign exchange hence helping promote economic growth. A country will be required to conduct a SWOT Analysis if it has to promote outbound tourism. This is important because the ideas obtained from other destinations can effectively be used to improve or promote inbound tourism. Some of the strengths capable of improving outbound tourism are good international relations, good reputation, reduced costs for international travels, favorable transportation systems and increased global security encouraged by modern technologies. These strengths are significant towards promoting outbound tourism (Sofield 73). Some of the weaknesses affecting outbound tourism are lack of international tourism protection, bad reputation abroad, increased transportation costs and lack of information concerning tourism attractions. Some religious and ideological differences have been hindering the development of outbound tourism. It is therefore necessary to review such weaknesses if the tourism goals are to be realized.
Some of the major opportunities towards international outbound tourism are new technologies and continued improvement of international accommodation facilities. Several travel bans have been lifted internationally as well as improved security. ...
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