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Controversies in Stem Cell (Essay Sample)


Write about the issue surrounding stem cells 


Controversies in Stem Cell
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Controversies in Stem Cell
The issue surrounding stem cells centers on the ethical problems surrounding their usage, growth, and destruction of human embryos. Science on pluripotent stem cells is at the center of this contentious controversy. Adult stem cells, Pluripotent cells, and amniotic stem cells are not as contentious as human embryonic stem cell research. Adult stem cell findings prompted imperative to ascertain in embryonic stem cells, leading to significant study on embryonic transgenic mice. The groundbreaking extraction of pluripotency stem cells made it possible for a team of experts to create a mutant mouse. This development reignited optimism in the study of human illness. Extensive research was conducted, and in 1998, the very first human embryonic stem cells were extracted, giving rise to great optimism over the possibilities for medicinal transplanting and drug research (Chong et al. 2014). However, these technological achievements sparked a storm of controversies as the ethical and moral questions involved with the approach became the subject of much discussion. This essay will explore a two-sided debate to depict the controversy in embryonic stem cells.

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