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Dream Home (Essay Sample)

Dream Home source..
Dream Home Sustainable design is very important as it incorporates various aspects of the environment and utilizes them in construction of a lasting and environmental friendly house. Essentially, sustainable design ensures that all the elements of the environment are in effective use and minimizes the harm that some buildings or constructions cause on the environment. By employing a smart and sustainable design, an optimum house temperature becomes achievable. During summer, sustainable design is very practical in minimizing instances of overheating, whereas during winter the design keeps the temperature within the required levels. The core values that I uphold include sustainability, environmental conservation, and wise use of resources. Sustainability is one of the core values that elucidate the importance of owning a durable property. Fundamentally, the value minimizes frequent purchases associated with untimely aging. The value that concerns environmental conservation entails employment of resources and structures that are friendly to the environment. The implication of the value is a resultant purchase of products designed in a manner that is eco-friendly. By stating wise use of resources as my core value or guiding principle, I imply that it is critical to ensure that the product uses few resources and provides positive results.[Mark Cleary. 2011. 21st Century Sustainable Homes. New York: ImagesPublishing, 19.] My dream home will support my core values and lifestyle because it will employ all the concepts required for sustainability, conservation, and wise use of resources. The dream home selected must be a house designed in a way that emphasizes durability. Additionally, the structures and materials used need to be resilient so that the result is a house that lasts for a lifetime.[Chiel Boonstra, Ronald Rovers, and Susanne Pauwels. 2000. Proceedings,International Conference Sustainable Building 2000, 22-25 October 2000, Maastricht, the Netherlands. Netherlands: Aeneas,68.] The house will also employ the concept of environment and utilize it in its design. Fundamentally, construction of a house needs to utilize the concept of nature in a way that minimizes its negative impacts, while increasing environmental benefits. In the quest to support my core values and lifestyle, the element of resource use compounds the ability of the house to match my needs and effectively satisfy my demands.[Christopher Hawthorne and Alanna Stang. 2005. The Green House: NewDirections in Sustainable Architecture; [Accompanies an Exhibition Held at the National Building Museum in Washington DC]. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 11.] The existing house that best represents my manifesto is the Hover House 3, which is found in Los Angeles. It is important to highlight that Glen Irani Architects, who have also designed several houses that employ a similar plan, designed the house. The house is residential and has all the requirements of sustainable home outlined in the stated core values. The actual location of the house is at the canals of Venice near Los Angeles.[Media, Centaur. 2014. Sustainable Homes: The Homebuilding & RenovatingGuide. London: Centaur Media, 10.] Remarkably...
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