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United Arab Emirates (UAE): Diplomacy as an Instrument of National Power (Essay Sample)


The essay describes how the United Arab Emirates (UAE) utilizes a unique soft power to support its diplomatic responsibilities

Diplomacy as an Instrument of National Power
Question One
Diplomacy utilizes the best tools in order to pursue specific national interests. Nations should embrace the art of diplomacy without using military force. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a unique soft power that supports its diplomatic responsibilities. To begin with, the UAE supports every nation that requires financial support. The UAE enjoys a unique financial strength. The United Arab Emirates is also generous and friendly. This strength makes it a favorable political partner. The current political climate experienced in the UAE attracts many partners from different parts of the world. The UAE also provides appropriate technical support to different nations. The UAE offers the best governance expertise to different nations. The presence of several TV news channels in the UAE is a major symbol of soft power. The UAE also provides specialized support and assistance to different global partners. These aspects constitute the UAE’s soft power.
The United Arab Emirates should optimize its soft power. To begin with, the UAE should use its strengths as the best instruments of diplomacy. The country should also consider the four tasks of diplomacy. The country should employ the right representatives in different regions. These strategies will ensure the UAE optimizes its soft power. The UAE should consider the factors that affect the success of diplomacy. For instance, the UAE should monitor the challenges of inappropriate foreign policies. The UAE should invest a lot in modern communication technologies. The UAE should continue promoting the best political practices. The country should also support the best international relations. These practices will ensure the country influences more nations in every part of the world.
Question Two
Neo-realism has remained a critical aspect of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). It would be appropriate for the GCC to reexamine the presence of different regional powers such as Iran and Iraq. The idea of liberal thinking explains why nations should cooperate to solve their common challenges. However, the consequences and processes of international cooperation should be based on political considerations. The GCC has become an intergovernmental organization that focuses on the functions of the Secretariat. The GCC has managed to achieve numerous political and economic gains. Different theories highlight the developments that define the functions of the Gulf Cooperation Council. This hybrid organization has promoted different activities such as trade, foreign policy, finance, and security.
The above discussion shows clearly that the GCC is currently based on continuous cooperation and interaction. However, an expansion of the GCC membership should be based on like-minded regimes. The members of this organization should focus on positive strategies that can produce the best outcomes. The GCC is currently focusing on the welfare of the wider region. That being the case, the GCC should attract like-minded regimes such as Jordan. This approach will make it easier for the GCC to focus on its goals. The GCC currently focuses on the needs of every member state. The inclusion of different nations based on geopolitical calculation might result in several challenges. For instance, Yemen and Iraq are facing numerous political problems that might affect the success of the GCC. The inclusion of like-minded regimes will ensure the organization achieves its goals. This strategy will create a powerful union that can pr...
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