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Discuss Mary Wollstonecraft Was Against Rousseau's Stance On Education (Essay Sample)


the paper discusses Mary Wollstonecraft was against Rousseau's stance on education


Mary Wollstonecraft was against Rousseau’s stance on education and his calling for obedience to men. She criticized his view and idea of trying to enslave women. She viewed and opposed his assumptions that women were inferior to men and articulated that education needed to be equal.
Emphasizing Fresh Education for Women
Wollstonecraft felt that it would support the social order and wanted women to be independent. She thought that having educated women would eventually result in educated Children.
Eighteenth-Century Attitudes towards Women
The agrarian view of women in the eighteenth century dominated the attitudes towards women. The document articulates how women were required to be housekeepers, while working close to home when their husbands went into the fields. The women were viewed as homemakers and were required to nourish their families and maintain solace at home. They were supposed to have features of the ladylike mind that espoused sensitivity and ease. The society held that a woman’s tender nature better matched her to virtue and charity.
Since women’s job was at home, they found harmony from the exploitation of the world through religious conviction. They were expected to be pure and articles provided the risks of adulteration. It was only women who were trained to remain untainted; the men acquired guidance on what to do to get back on course once they drifted away. The role of the wife was to supplement her husband through reflecting recognition on him and herself. The woman was expected to look after the affairs of the man and prepare his children for their roles in life.
Education material was directed towards emphasizing the traits of a good wife and how she would assist her husband in his quests.
Burke Denounces the Extreme Measures of the French Revolution.
Burke was referring to the killing of the monarch, the seizure of religious and aristocrat’s properties and the act of indoctrinating the people against Christianity.
Burke and other philosophers and scholars saw the revolution in France as the spawn of an anti-Christian enlightenment hence an attack on a civilization whose foundations were Christianity.
Burke exaggerated the evils of the French revolution. He succumbed to a negative absolute momentism by thinking the French revolution was the end of civilization.
Why Burke Is Considered One of the Founders of Modern Conservative Political Thought
Edmund Burke founded the modern philosophy referred to as conservatism through his writing of the Reflections on the Revolution in France. The reflections were a response to the drastic pro-republic and egalitarian ideas. He articulated that civilization was an agreement that should not be separated by parties since the state was a partnership. He asserted that no age group has a right to put an end to the partnership and that every age group has a responsibility to maintain the partnership. Although he did not reject all change, Burke was against the forceful takeover of a government through uprising. He ascribed to the thought of gradual improvements as opposed to sudden change. Burke is considered the father of conservatism because of the way he contended with the scholars of his time. He did this by pointing out the restrictions of reason while exalting the wisdom of the ages through which custom is founded. This is the foundation of conservatism. He considered colonialism as bad, radicalism as a basis for danger and democracy as a danger to social stability.
Women Industrial Workers Explain their Economic Situation
The women asserted that other more suitable and useful employment should be offered to them. They asserted that since not all of them had male benefactors for employment or support and since they were thrown by circumstances to find their ow...
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