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Alexander Jackson Davis (Essay Sample)


1) Intro with thesis 2) Carefully describe the design ideology of the architect, as expressed in their own writings/buildings 3) personal views 4) conclusion


Alexander Jackson Davis
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Alexander Jackson Davis (1803-1892), is American Architect of 19th century who studied at American Academy on the Fine Arts and design. He focused public building and private residences using Italianate style. As architecture defined as a process and the product of planning construction and designing of the building and other physical structures, Davis expressed new beginning in changing building styles. Alexander led to definition of architectural work by the material form based on the buildings and perception that are culturally used as the symbol of the artwork. It gives an explanation of the general approach of the building and physical structures. Architecture expresses the science and art of designing the building, the style used during designing and methods of construction of physical structures and building construction. The practice of architect in offering the professional in the application of the science and technology that is based on the micro level to macro level that is construction of furniture to construction of urban designs and landscape architecture respectively. Therefore, the study seeks to express architectural ideologies that are applied in building and planning designs during construction. Furthermore, the study seeks to express technological improvement that helps architects.
Architecture is a complex field that is engaged with different understanding but giving the appropriate approach to the social life. According to Alexander understanding society is based on the rules and regulations that are used to command and control interaction and integration of people. The same case is presented with the architectural background as it requires close attention and reflecting on the development wellbeing. Furthermore, the issues surrounding social life explains the moral and ethical approaches that are also evident in the architectural field. Therefore, it is important to ensure life context as introduced in psychology and social integration are given priority as the architecture perform their duties to maintain their professionalism.
Design ideology of the architect according to Alexander Jackson Davis
Alexander Jackson portrays that architecture applies to different roles in planning, designing and undertaking construction in different forms of consideration such as spacing, social and environmental factors. Furthermore, reflecting on the technicality and aesthetic approach requires creativity and coordination of technological implications that are essential basics during construction. Manipulation and coordination of the technology know-how and materials help in giving insight to the architects with ideology to reflect on building and planning. The most important consideration is developed through skills and application of the technology to enhance professionalism in morally and ethical manner. The architecture principles give guidelines that are used as an ideology to expressing the requirement of building and planning designs. Therefore acceptability of the architectural design it takes the application of the building or structural planning that involves different approaches such as spacing, environmental consideration, and technical aspects.[Giordano, Ralph G. The architectural ideology of Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson, N.C.: London :McFarland & Co., Publishers, 2012.] [Wong, Aida Yuen. Visualizing beauty: gender and ideology in modern... by Aida Yuen Wong.]
According to Davis in undertaking architectural professionalism, it is required encompassing pragmatic aspects that help in the realization of building the structure in terms of cost estimation and administration functions. According to architectural principles, documentation that typically includes writings and drawing provides the plans and other technical specification that helps in defining the structure of the building as well as other systems in the construction. In the current modern technology, these principles are defined by the durability of the structure, utility explaining the satisfaction obtained from the structure and beauty of the structure.[Ru, Jinghua, Hualiang Peng, Siguang Cui, and Mu San. Palace architecture : imperial palaces ofthe last dynasty. New York: NY CN Times Books, 2015.]
Durability principle gives the condition of the structure whereby the building is supposed to stand firm and remain strong. The nature of the building constructed given the nature of the technology used must be stable and strong4. The principle guides architecture on the basics required for enabling a structure to remain firm and hold for a long period. The second pillar is indicated by the utility that is achieved by the building or the structure. The structure should be suitable for the intended purpose in future and for expected period. The material being used should help to meet all required functions and giving out satisfaction to the owner5. Beauty expresses the aesthetic pleasing outlook of the building and attractiveness while complete. The structure should be eye attracting and magnificent. Therefore, the three principles are essential for the architect to consider and apply to protect professionalism.[4 Wittkower, Rudolf. Architectural principles in the age of humanism. New York: W.W. Norton,2000.] [5 Meyer, Andreas. Principles of functional verification. Amsterdam; Boston: Newnes, 2003.]
There is the difference between 19th century and modern architecture in terms of the development and achievement as referred by Davis. According to the earlier understanding, architecture involves putting bricks together. In contrary to the modern architecture, technology has helped in improving planning and building structures. The nature of the building is improved to meets the modern standards. Furthermore, advancement of the materials being used has enabled improvement of the architectural to a greater extent6. Therefore, the current architects have more skills that are not present in the earlier period. In the ideology of building and planning, the notions of structural and aesthetic factors have been entirely subjected to meeting popularity hence being skeptical. The nature of the structure has both basic and secondary approach to explaining the development in the architecture industry. Computerization of the drawing and writing has simplified previous practices and improving the quality and cutting down the cost7 CITATION Fra98 \l 1033 (Duffy and Hutton 1998). Therefore, the services provided by the old and modern architecture industry have changed and leading to improvement in building, planning and designing.[6 Clarke, Joanne, and Council for British Research in the Levant. Archaeological perspectives onThe transmission and transformation of culture in the Eastern Mediterranean. Oxford: Oxbow, 2005.] [7 Duffy, Francis, and Les Hutton. Architectural Knowledge: the Idea of a Profession. London:Spon Press, 1998.]
The ideology has been directed to the three principles durability, utility and beauty beyond functional to psychological and cultural approach. The nature of the structure and aesthetic function, these principles also express the notion of perception and enjoyment. Building or structure is used in giving common sciences beyond functional aspects hence introducing humanity. The architecture explains stimulation and influences of social life that expresses values and promoting social development. Therefore, the meaning of architecture is formalized as an art that is then transformed into the instrumental used in philosophies. The modern architects are referred through the new approach to building design such as structuralism empiricism and rationalism. Covering the modern approach, the new concepts add both functional and structural aspects that lead to sustainable architecture.
Views basing on Alexander Jackson’s approach on Architecture
Architecture has taken improved dimension that express the basic coverage in the building, planning, and designing. The major issues are directed to differentiating the 19th and 20th century through the incorporation of technology and skills .The difference is brought about by the nature of the work presentability of the structures to meet the architectural principles. It is important to consider the durability, utility and beauty of the structure and implementation to the modern approach in the modern world.[Wittkower, Rudolf. Architectural principles in the age of humanism. New York: W.W. Norton,2000.]
In reality, application of the modern technology has enabled development in terms of structure presentability, building strong structures and meeting utility5. The attractiveness of the building expresses the reality and values impacted during the construction and hence giving the credit to professionalism. Therefore, in the life, development and upgrading from one level to another is exemplarily provided in the architecture whereby the changes are evidently provided in the modern world.[5 Meyer, Andreas. Principles of functional verification. Amsterdam ; Boston: Newnes, 2003.]
In realization of philosophical understanding, it is important to consider issues covering architecture and being expressed to social life. The nature of architectural and real life issues are well defined through the principles approach. They give factors that are supposed to be emulated and involved to our understanding at human capacity. The nature of the compatibility in life is directed by the principle of durability that introduces firmness and fitness of the structure. The background and foundation help in defining the future of the structure and hence supposed to be durable. Personal ideas are also supposed to be formulated on the strong foundation that gives meaning and strong backing through evidence. Therefore, it is important to consider having an upri...
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