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The Influence Of Arbitrariness And Iconicity In Sign Languages (Essay Sample)


first list your initial guesses for the individual meanings of the seven
signs, as well as your guess for the unified meaning, as in the example below (as noted above, you
may use a friend's guesses instead, if there is some reason your guesses might have been tainted).
Then, write a paragraph or two of connected, coherent prose, using full sentences of ordinary grammatical
academic English, explaining why Saussure's notion of arbitrariness does not, in fact, seem to
be invalidated by the extensive iconicity found in sign languages. Take into account the accuracy (or
lack thereof) of the guesses you or your friend made for the meanings of these seven signs (which
actually, all mean ‘fish'), how iconic (or not) these seven signs appear to be, and how similar (or not)
signs with the same meaning seem to be in general across sign languages, based on your own exploration
of the Spreadthesign website.

Academic Institution Arbitrariness and Iconicity in Sign Languages Purpose Statement By Name City, State October 11, 18 Arbitrariness and Iconicity in Sign Languages Language Guesses ASL Slide Libras chin BSL swim ČZJ bird IPSL swim TİD move UŽM bird unified fish The lack of inaccuracy in the given signs in different languages validates Saussurean arbitrariness. Although the correct meaning is ‘fish,’ there seems to be a huge difference in these signs. For instance, Libras and TİD sign languages for the signs given do not seem to have any similarity to the correct meaning. ASL also seems to depict sliding or swimming and not directly meaning ‘fish.’ IPSL sign nevertheless depicts the correct meaning of the sign language. These inaccuracies confirm that there is no problem for Saussurean arbitrariness caused by sign languages. The accuracy in some iconic sign languages does not necessarily pose difficulties to the Saussurean arbitrariness. For example, there is a vast disparity in the sign language for the word ‘year’. All the sign languages have a different version for the word ‘year’ thus validating Saussurean assertion on arbitrariness that a particular string of sound or piece of language does not necessarily have a specified meaning. Conversely, there is a striking similarity in sign languages for the word ‘write’. Using the seven sign languages above, the word ‘write’ seems to be iconic seemingly similar in the sign language. This clarity and similarity between the sign ...
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