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Witold Lutoslawski's Choral Work and Trois poems d'Henri Michaux (Essay Sample)


In to detail, evaluate Witold Lutoslawski's choral work, Trois poems d'Henri Michaux, for chorus and ORCHESTRA. The paper should be 18 pages long. Use Chicago formatting style. Use the four sources that have been sent. Ensure plagiarism check result is below 10 percent. Proofread the work before you send to avoid grammatical mistakes.


Witold Lutoslawki’s choral work, Trois poèmes d'Henri Michaux, for chorus and orchestra
Student’s Name
Witold Lutoslawki’s choral work, Trois poèmes d'Henri Michaux, for chorus and orchestra
At the onset, Michaux's work seems to entice little attention and even sympathy. Among Michaux’s literary works is a sagacity of estrangement from the society and even from the self and bewildering clouding of the boundary between external and internal components. Michaux’s verses or poems are written in peculiar panache, embodied by slang terms, invented words, and bizarre descriptions of great beauty. Moreover, Michaux is passionate about music and other grounds like painting and dancing since they are more instant and deliberate expression approaches. However, Lutoslawski finds in Michaux’s antique poems three short texts and subsequently composes Trois poems d’Henri Michaux as his initial choral composition. Nevertheless, Lutoslawski employs explicit sensitivity, as he is cautious never about infringing essence of the poetic work while sounding values. So independently are the orchestra and chorus in a position that they all need a discrete conductor. This paper seeks to underscore in detail, Lutoslawski’s work on Trois poemes d’Henri Michaux for orchestra and chorus by evaluating Lutoslawski’s work in tandem with Michaux’s work structure.

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