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Book Question History Essay Coursework Research Paper (Essay Sample)


How might a historian use the source Gilgamesh to understand the nature of ancient Mesopotamian society? What specific themes, plot devices, characterizations, setting, symbolism, imagery, and/or language structures might be most valuable to a historian's inquiry? Your introductory paragraph should establish the historical setting of the epic poem; the body of the essay should briefly summarize the theme, setting, plot, and characters; and the concluding paragraph should study key values, beliefs, and/or traditions of the period as related by the epic poem.


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The poem of long Akkadian in twelve tablets of Gilgamesh was substantially recovered. There are vital episodes which have been distinguished into two main stages constituted in the massive movement in his work. The first episode is based on the ‘joy’ of Gilgamesh, whereas the second persists on his ‘woe’ precisely at the center of the poem, a crisis occurs Gilgamesh and his friend Enkidu immediately celebrate their tremendous triumph against The Bull of Heaven.
Enkidu becomes trapped in the underworlds, although his spirit eludes and speaks to Gilgamesh. So, the controversial narrative talks of Enkidu. He talks of human fate in the apprehensive underworld.
Uruk is the ancient city predominant with the poet’s imagination by grand city walls and the temple complex of ishtar; its ruler is Gilgamesh. The reader is prompted to admire the interior of the city and the great walls. It is through the opening lines of the poem. Also, the lines prepare the journey motif.

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