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Democracy (Essay Sample)


write about democracy history.

Political commentators the world over have incessantly argued that democracy is too feeble to stand alone, it has to be propped up by tinges of dictatorship here and there. In a purely democratic society, the provisions are that the majority “rule” and all the facets of governance are entirely controlled by the people (Schofield 2009). The government is entirely answerable to the subjects who hold the key to any decision made by the authorities. While this is a very admirable administrative practice, scholars have dismissed the provisions of “democracy” as the propagation of an ideal society that can never be achieved.
“The problem with a totally democratic administration is that it is unachievable,” this is according to Schofield (2009). This means that for a democratic society to be achieved, there has to be some forms of aristocracy. Democratic societies allow citizens to be equal before the law but refuse to acknowledge the effects of such an arrangement. The achievement of such leadership framework is unimaginable, there has to be a representative of the “prefects” because if all are equal against the law, then who is charged with enforcing the law itself? Small doses of authoritarianism must be incorporated in the democratic society so as to achieve the development and growth that a society yearns for (Schofield 2009).
For any administrative system, the administration and exercise o...
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