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The Great Gatsby and the Jazz Age History Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


This assignment was about Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. hERE I WAS TASKED WITH WRITING THE HISTORY OF THE GREAT GATSBY DURING JAZZ AGE.


The Great Gatsby and the Jazz Age
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The Great Gatsby and the Jazz Age
The Great Gatsby is one of Fitzgerald’s popularized novels in American history. The novel attracted so many scholars since it was set in the period considered as the Jazz age. Fitzgerald’s youthful romance was a major inspiration to the novel. It is believed to have started in the 1920s when musicians like Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, and Jelly Roll Morton introduced Jazz music to the audience. Most of the Jazz musicians were of black origin. During this period black Americans were not allowed to mix freely with whites especially at workplaces and learning institutions. The release of the novel came at such a time when America was celebrating its happiness and victory after signing the Versailles treaty which confirmed them as the leading world’s superpowers. Europe on the other side had incurred huge losses brought by the first world war. The American young population got a sign of relief creating a new slogan of drinking, eating, and being merry. According to the youths, they were only lacking pleasure since it was the only moral code behind humankind. During the Jazz Age, society was allowed to intermingle with the opposite gender. People lost their culture and sense in the process as they had forgotten about Jefferson’s teachings and were now following Bohemian culture. Fitzerald described the Jazz age as the period of “first sex followed by music then dancing.”

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