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MACRO- AND MICROECONOMICS - An Analysis Paper - The US-China Trade War (Essay Sample)


Subject: Macro- and Microeconomics
Number of words: 550
Number of sources: 3
Style: chicago
Analysis Paper
For the analysis paper you will need to find an article online that describes an event that can be interpreted as a shock to the economy. A shock is something that disturbs the economy's equilibrium. You will then use the basic to predict the effects of the shock on all of the variables of interest: output, the interest rate, consumption, investment, real wages, and work effort. You should discuss the importance of the shock for the economy as a whole; that is, is it a large or a small shock. The paper must be based on an article from the last six months and should include a link to the article. The paper should double spaced, size 12 font, and no more than two pages long. You cannot use graphs or jargon in the paper. Instead, you should write your paper for an audience of intelligent lay people who, by misfortune, have not taken the principles of macroeconomics.
Criteria for Grading:
1) Correct and complete analysis
2) Clarity of exposition to the chosen audience
3) Interpretation and assessment of your article
Examples of things that you shouldn’t do:
The marginal propensity to consume is one for a permanent change in income. Marginal propensity to consume is jargon

The production function shifts to the left. Production function is jargon and this is “talking graphs.”

The new technology increases labor demand. This sentence fails to give a reason why labor demand increases. Instead write something like: The new technology makes workers more productive and as a result companies will want to hire more employees. This sentence avoids the jargon “labor demand”, and asserts that companies hire more workers because the workers are going to be more productive.
These examples are far from exhaustive!


The US-China Trade War
Professor’s Name
The US-China Trade War
Problem Faced
The main issues that have come to light include the US-China trade war, immigration laws, the US national debt, and foreign relations policy. The United States and China have a long history of trade conflicts, but recent events have been chiefly owing to sanctions imposed on China by the United States. Recently, the United States imposed taxes on 40% of Chinese goods, causing prices of US goods to skyrocket as inexpensive imports from China were halted. The United States has also blocked cheap steel imports, and as a response, the Chinese government has slapped significant tariffs on US goods. As a result, China has devalued its currency to make its commodities appear cheaper and more appealing, and it has begun selling items in emerging nations. However, US goods have gotten more expensive, and as a result, sales have plummeted. The Chinese government has escalated the trade war by implementing more tariffs. However, such issues will be handled before the G20 summit in 2018. Since China applied tariffs, there has been a lack of Chinese employees and visas in the United States, nullifying the clear winner. Because of the trade war, India has been the most significant benefit of exporting steel and aluminum to US markets because of the trade war.[Guoyong Liang and Haoyuan Ding, "The China-US trade war," The China-US Trade War, 2020, 64, doi: 10.4324/9780429345241-5.] [Liang and Ding, “The China-US trade war," 65.] [ Swati Singh and Sachin Sisodiya, "US–China trade war," The China–US Trade War and South Asian Economies, 2021, 201, doi:10.4324/9781003053613-15.]
Consequences and Actions Taken
Last year's spike in inflation was expected due to increasing crude oil costs and increased demand and spending, which pushed CPI inflation to 2.3 percent. In 2019, unemployment had remained in the 3.93 percent to 3.78 percent range. It had progressively declined due to increasing capital spending by corporations following significant tax cuts, which prompted headroom inflation to rocket and shoot. As of the end of 2019, the fed funds rate was 1.7 percent, 10-year treasury yields were 1.8 percent, and 30-year treasury yields were 2.07 percent. The expectation of a recession worsens the changes, so returns are higher in the short run as risk is higher, and the economy seeks to recover after ten years, causing yields to fall for ten and thirty years. The yield curve has been inverted, which is a strong signal of a near-term recession since 5-year treasury yields are higher than 10 years and 30-year yields, indicating that the long-term outlook is steady, but the short-term outlook indicates a downturn.[ Axel Rey, The China Sinkhole (Book 1): Increasing systemic fragility underneath China's debt-laden economy, expedited by the US-China trade war (New York: Global Era Public Interest Info Network, 2019).] [Max L. Wiegand, The Stock Market Reaction to Presidential Tweets in the Case of the US-China Trade War: An Empirical Case Study (Munich: Grin Verlag, 2020).] [Swati Singh and Sachin Sisodiya, "US–China trade war," The China–US Trade War and South Asian Economies, 2021, 201, doi:10.4324/9781003053613-15.]
Federal funds rates remain steady in anticipation of preventing more inflation and, at the same time, balancing the counter-effects of the trade war. A rise in funds rates can cause a faster slowdown, while a decrease in rates can increase inflation levels, so the Fed maintains a neutral stance. “The US Fed's primary concern at the moment is to monitor inflation, as unemployment is projected to be 3.5 percent.” However, the negative implications of the US-China trade war and global uncertainty make the Fed dovish, while spiking inflation causes it to be hawkish, putting it in a catch-22 situation. The Fed must monitor and react next month, looking to maintain interest rates constant and analyzing the aftermath as the US-China trade war has deescalated, as has the US-Iraq conflict and sanctions on Iran, and mus

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