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The Old Testament, Excerpt From The Book Of Genesis (Essay Sample)


The assignment required an explanation of what the biblical excerpt means in relation to a changing society.


Student’s Name– HIST 1040 – Journal #1 – February 2017 [Genesis 1: 1-31(KJV)]
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Journal #1 -The Old Testament, excerpt from the Book of Genesis
Literature often preserves history and perceptions of different civilizations. The history in literature is a direct influencing factor on current beliefs and values. This essay seeks to discuss an excerpt from the book of Genesis and demonstrate the stored identity of the era in which it was written, as well as, show its continuing influence on current generations.
The Bible was composed by a collection of authors; however, the book of Genesis was done by Moses. While the controversy over the origins of the Bible still exists, some schools of thought insist that it was the subject of the human imagination a little over 26000 years ago. The compilation of the book was done through the coming together of the Juhadite court officials, scribes, priests, prophets, and peasants; following an era of moral downfall and political agitation at the end of the 7th century. However, others identify it as a record of the great and mighty works of God.
The main idea of the excerpt is to show the supreme sovereignty of God as the sole creator. The author seeks to establish the order with which creation was accomplished; to emphasize that every little detail was well thought out and properly planned. In the first and the second verse, the author shows the existence of God before man, before anything was created; that God has always existed and has no beginning or end.
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the HYPERLINK "" \l "deep"deep. And the HYPERLINK "" \l "spirit"Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. (Gen 1: 1-2 KJV)
The literature also reflects on the nature of people during that era. Their nature of obedience to divinity and trust in a higher force is emphasized. For instance, there is the reference to man's responsibility's creation in God's image; implying that man should seek to be like Him. On the other hand, there is the command to multiply and fill the earth. This depicts the virtue of obedience and willingness to serve a greater purpose in life.
In conclusion, the influence of these sentiments on contemporary society cannot be downplayed. For instance, the command to have dominion over the earth is an implication of responsibility. Therefore, the modern concepts of sustainability and social responsibility can be classified as indirect and sometimes direct influence from historical religious pieces such as the book of Genesis.
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