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Jesus is the Son of God (Essay Sample)


The paper analyzed Different testimonials both in the old and new testaments and tries to prove the statement that Jesus is the “son of God." The New Testament provides evidence through the birth and mission of Jesus Christ that support the claims that he is the son of God. Various events in the Bible and philosophical writings also support this belief. Consecutively, these sources indicate that Jesus is the son of God. the paper shows how the prophecy of birth and the events happening during the birth of Jesus. Therefore, learning through various, there is a common convergence that Jesus was not an ordinary man but a son of God.


Son of God
Jesus is the Son of God
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Different testimonials both in the old and new testaments tried to prove the statement that Jesus is the “son of God." From the creation stories, God starts human creation with a conversation that "let us make a man in our image after our own likeness," implying that it was a conversation between two or more beings. Angels, prophets, disciples, and apostles in the old and new Testaments discussed the unique and special relationship between God and the chosen persons or groups in the Bible. Prophecies indicated that a son would be given to men, and all kingdoms would rest upon his shoulders. The statements were proven in the New Testament through Jesus Christ's birth and mission on earth. Evidence from different events both in the Bible and philosophical writings converge on the common denominator that Jesus is the son of God.
Relevant Event
Testimonials from the New Testament disciples, apostles, demons, and God Himself prove the statement's truth. According to the gospel of Matthew, demons cried out when Jesus was casting them out and referred to Him as the son of God.. This was the event when Jesus delivered a man with evil spirits and demons who did not know where to go and later they were cast into a pig flock in the nearby grazing field. Additionally, the author of the gospel of John refers to Jesus as God's begotten son who was given to the people to save them from perishing and bring eternal life.. Another event 

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