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Orientalism. How does Ms. marvel comic draw on or respond to orientalism discourse? (Essay Sample)


answer the question how does ms. marvel comic draw on or respond to orientalism discourse ?


America is one of the superpowers and has a major influence on other nations. The world’s largest economy does influence thoughts, assumption and it is easy to see why most of the trends from the United States spread to the rest of the world. America is widely a religious driven country even though there has been an increase of atheist in the region, religion still accounts to the huge number of individuals. There has been a disproportionate negative representation of the Muslim religion in the region for a long time. The events of the 9/11 did not make the situation much better either, as since the incident representation of the Muslim identity has been negative. Acknowledging the existing oppression, the government, religious ministers, and people in the societies are trying to destabilize the trend by educating people and removing the negative conclusion on the religion. One of the common methods is through the media. Considering the great consumption of the American media, it is logical to use the same to combat the negative image created. It is therefore also important to have a cultural production that is positive and appeals to the younger generations. A feasible example is the Marvel rebranding of the comic book Ms. Marvel that features a sixteen-year-old protagonist (Pakistani-American) from Jersey.

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